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Foundations for Freedom is an international non-governmental organisation acting in Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe first initated in 1993 as a programme of Initiatives of Change.

Through our activities we aim to foster the development of truly free, democratic and just society, where people live in commitment to the values where freedom thrives, in particular honesty and personal responsibility.

The recent time the organisation implements the following activities:

  • Organising and conducting monthly I Listen empathy sessions.
  • Studying the history of development of Foundations of Freedom, getting the lessons learnt from the past.
  • Developing the concept of trust building programme amongst the civil leaders.

Mostly these activities are conducted on a voluntary basis by involving the time and efforts given by the community members. 

We will be thankful for your support to cover the following costs:

  • Interpretation during online sessions (8,000.00 UAH each activity).
  • Community networker 25% work load (6,000.00 UAH monthly).
  • Design of visual products (5,000.00 UAH per project).
  • Additional administrative expenditures (5,000.00 UAH monthly).

Your contributions are valuable for the organisation and the community.

At the end of each year we are providing financial report with the indication of incomes and expenditures to the accounts of organisation. You will be able to see how your donation was used.

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