Emerging Agents Of Change – Accompaniers-Mentors

Emerging Agents Of Change – Accompaniers-Mentors

Lorne Braun

Lorne Braun, Canada

Lorne has been involved with IofC since 1992, both in Canada and with IofC International, and has just completed serving as Director Board of Management, IofC Canada. He lives in Richmond, British Columbia, with his wife, Joyce, both being associated with a retreat centre near Vancouver. His career in humanitarian action had a focus on supporting and coaching non-profits in their overseas work. He was a college teacher for several years and since has regularly mentored students in the areas of negotiation and conflict. He currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  English, German

Marie Chaftari, Lebanon

Marie has worked for many years with IofC Lebanon healing divisions in her country with her husband, Assaad. She has also been at the heart of many initiatives involving women from different backgrounds such as Creators of Peace. She currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  Arabic, French, English           

Fung Ming Chan

Fung-Ming Chan, Hong Kong

Fung-Ming became involved with the MRA/IofC programs in Australia and India in the mid 80’s. A production engineer by training, she taught in higher education in the UK for five years, then in Hong Kong’s vocational education for another 23 years. Since 2011 she has participated in the Chinese in Action program initiated by Renjou and Grace Liu, and serves as a Life Worker focusing in the area of Life Sensitivity Training and Deep Healing. She currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages: Cantonese, English, and Mandarin

Daniel Clarke Flynn

Daniel Clarke Flynn, Belgium

American-born, Daniel earned a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., and pursued a three-decade career in international corporate Human Resources before taking early retirement and serving as a Cambridge Certified English language trainer for adults for two decades in the U.S. and Europe. More recently he has been leading free Career Management and Life Reflections workshops in Europe and Great Britain. A Quaker since 2015 his articles have been published in The Friend – the Quaker weekly magazine. 

Languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (written)

Nick Foster

Nick Foster, United Kingdom

Nick is a happily married father of three, a person of faith, and has been involved with IofC since 1992. He studied arts and psychology. He has worked around the world in education and the NFP sector, and ran his own manufacturing company in South Africa. He has also worked as a consultant to businesses on topics such as partnership development, staff retention and burnout. In Australia, before moving to undertake his role IofC Switzerland in 2013, he worked as a counsellor on a telephone counselling service and online education. 

Languages:  English

Christine Iralu

Christine Iralu, Nagaland India

In the early 60s, Christine’s family migrated from Mumbai to Perth, Western Australia, where she met IofC through musical travelling groups. In the 1980s, Christine married Niketu Iralu and in 1995, they moved to his home state of Nagaland. They named their home Kerünyü Ki which in Niketu’s Angami language means House of Listening, a place where people come together to plan, to listen to one another, and to solve problems through honesty, humility, and openness. She currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  English

Megumi Kanematsu

Megumi Kanematsu, Japan

Megumi has a Masters degree in Human Security and has been committed to IofC since 1974 working in different countries, particularly Cambodia and earlier in Brazil. She trained in the workshop on Family Enhancement developed by Ren-Jou Liu in Taiwan and worked for several years in Latin America, Europe and North America. She assisted in the Asia Pacific Youth Conference, the Farmers’ Dialogue programme,and was a facilitator with the Tools for Changemakers conference. She served with the Japanese Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service in Cambodia and she currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  Japanese, English           

Barbara Lawler, Australia

Barbara has worked on a full-time voluntary basis with IofC for a total of 24 years. She worked for 26 years in human resources in two large media organisations in Sydney, obtaining a Masters degree in Business (Employment Relations). She developed strong connections with near neighbour Indonesia and was National Coordinator IofC Australia 2010-14. She has accompanied/mentored several people during this time. She currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  English

Mary Lean

Mary Lean, UK

Mary is a writer, editor, and spiritual director living in Oxford. She co-edited Initiative of Change's international magazine, For A Change, from 1987 to 2006. She is author of Bread, Bricks and Belief: communities in charge of their future, which examines the role of spiritual change as a catalyst for community development, and with Elisabeth Peters, of Stories of the Caux School 1955-65. Mary is also a facilitator of Creators of Peace Circles. She has worked in spiritual accompaniment since 2006, meeting people one-to-one to offer support in their life and faith journeys. 

Languages:  English

Mangalam Lena

Mangalam Lena, Canada

Mangalam is a Franciscan Missionary and a spiritual director following the spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi. She has worked in Sri Lanka, Israel, France and Canada. In Sri Lanka, her focus was social work with the poor and with workers on the tea plantations. In Israel, she was Director of a preschool for Arab children. In France, Mangalam did spiritual animation with other Missionaries. She is also a trained nurse. Mangalam completed her Bachelor's Degree in Theology, her Masters degree in Pastoral Studies, and her Doctorate in Ministry at St.Paul's University. She serves as Director Board of Management, IofC Canada

Languages:  Tamil, English, and French, and understands Sinhalese and Arabic.

Teresa Luckhurst

Teresa Luckhurst, UK

Teresa was a clinic secretary for the National Health Service (NHS) and currently is an Advanced Health Care Support Worker with the NHS.  She has a BSc (Honors) in Psychology and is studying counselling. Teresa has been actively involved with IofC for the past 17 years and she currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Language:  English

Roy Edward Ncube

Roy Ncube, Zimbabwe

Roy is currently Secretary of IofC Zimbabwe and is a member of the IofC African Coordination Group.  Though retired from teaching Agriculture in secondary schools in Zimbabwe and Botswana after nearly 20 years, he maintains a passionate interest in sustainable farming methods and rural development. He brings long and valuable experience with IofC since 1985. He currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  English, Shona, Ndebele  

Ken Noble

Ken Noble, United Kingdom

Ken was company secretary of Initiatives of Change in the UK for 14 years and has been Head of Pastoral Care in recent years, leading a small team to ‘create a culture of pastoral care’. He was brought up in Manchester and has a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, London. Ken has worked with IofC in several countries including Nigeria, the USA and Malta, and has served as an editor of various IofC publications, including 16 years on For a Change magazine. He wrote a booklet on the basics of democracy in response to the 'back to basics' debate during the time of John Major's Prime Ministership. 

Languages:  English 

Florence Nosley

Florence Nosley, France

Florence is a recently retired teacher. Discovering Moral Re-Armament (now IofC) at age 15, she began to follow inner guidance on a new life path. This included 13 years with IofC as a full-time voluntary worker, marrying Jean-Louis in 1983 and having four children and one grandchild. She currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  French, English, Spanish           

Daphrose Ntarataze Barampama

Daphrose Ntarataze Barampana, Switzerland

Originally from French-speaking Burundi, Daphrose was President of Creators of Peace International.  Daphrose resides in Switzerland with her family, and brings a wealth of wisdom, cross-cultural experience, accompanying and mentoring many in Africa.  As an Ambassador of Creators of Peace, she spends her time promoting Initiatives of Change and Peace Circles in French speaking countries, especially in Africa / Burundi and currently serves on IofC International’s Panel of Elders.

Languages:  French, English, Kirundi

Désiré Tuyishemeze

Désiré Tuyishemeze, Burundi

As a graduate in Clinical and Social Psychology, mental health and psychosocial support are Désiré's main interests.  In 2015, he participated in a Peace Circle hosted by Creators of Peace (CoP) and has since been actively engaged in the project role of head of the Psychosocial and Well-being Service at Muntunuwundi CoP and Development, a project by CoP/ IofC and is committed to positive social change.  Désiré is an alumnus of different leadership programs such as YALI (Young African Leadership program), EAYF (Eastern Africa Youth Forum), CPLP (Caux Peace and Leadership Programme) and CSP-AP (Caux Scholars Programme-Asia Plateau).

Languages:  French, English, Kirundi

Dr. Yehuda Silverman

Dr. Yehuda Silverman, Canada/USA

Yehuda is a peacebuilding pracademic and specializes in the intrapersonal dynamics of peace and conflict prevention. He has a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in International Peace and is an alumnus of the Initiatives of Change Community Trustbuilding Fellowship.

Languages: English, Hebrew (written)

Betty Nabuto Mulyalya

Betty Nabuto Mulyalya, Uganda

Betty is a married mother of five, three of these teenagers. A professional teacher, Betty mentored high school students she taught for 20 years.  She currently works as a Human Resource Manager with Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI) in Kampala, Uganda, where she occasionally conducts lectures in some course units. She has found herself occasionally mentor some students and staff.

Betty is also a facilitator with Creators of Peace (CoP), and trains women on peace creation, starting with themselves, their families, communities and country at large. Betty has also participated in a number of online trainings offered by IofC and CoP like Qualities and strategies of Peace makers; Group coaching for leaders in Peace building and Advocating for a new story of our shared humanity.

Languages: English, Lumasaaba, Luganda.

Claude Bourdin, France

Claude was trained as an agricultural engineer and worked 2 years as farming adviser. He was Mayor of his small rural village in Paris region from 2001 to 2008.  He joined IofC in 1977 and was involved in different ways:  most importantly in Caux (Economat in the eighties, Cashdesk lately) - 3 years with Michel Orphelin’s show «Un Soleil en Pleine Nuit » - Coordinator of Farmers’ Dialogue International since the mid-nineties - and the IofC Hub Core Team since February 2021. Married, happy father and fascinated grand-father, he enjoys gardening!

Languages:  French, English

Delia Paul

Delia Paul, Australia

Delia is a journalist and researcher, originally from Malaysia and now living in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked as a communications manager and consultant with international development organizations and research organizations around the Asia-Pacific region, focused on environmental protection and sustainability goals. Her PhD research examines the role of civil society actors in water security. She loves multi-generational family life, films, walking, and learning to live well with Nature. 

Languages: English, Malay

Marlene Zurgilgen

Marlene Zurgilgen, Switzerland

Marlene studied arts and cultural management and worked as communications manager for IofC International. She is an author and storyteller. She is also supporting startups and creative people using their abilities in creating change. Her studies in cultural diplomacy furthered her engagement in the arts as a catalyst for change and peace. She lives in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland.

Languages: German, English, French

Mike Brown

Mike Brown, Australia

Mike has been a writer and activist since responding to a call, in his student years, to work with IofC to make a difference in the world. He has worked on reconciliation and trust building in Australia and in post-conflict situations in Cambodia, South Sudan, and inner cities in America through local IofC programs. For 10 years he and his wife Jean were based in India, involved in Action for Life, a program to mobilise ‘a new generation of change-makers'. In Adelaide, his home city, he was co-chair of the Sorry Day movement and active in local reconciliation groups.  Mike authored a book about IofC in Australia, No Longer Down Under, in 2002.

Languages: English