An exciting series of international conferences in Caux, Switzerland

An exciting series of international conferences in Caux, Switzerland

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An exciting series of international conferences in Caux, Switzerland

An exciting series of conferences it planned for July/August at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland

The Caux 2013 ‘Initiatives for human security’ are organized by CAUX-Initiatives of Change, a charitable Swiss Foundation, in collaboration with Initiatives of Change International. Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a diverse, global network building trust across the world’s divides. It is comprised of people of many cultures, beliefs and backgrounds committed to transforming society through changes in individuals and relationships, starting in their own lives.

The conferences aim to unlock potential for personal change, by providing space for reflection; build trust for relationship change, by providing space for dialogue in diversity; enable partnerships for global change, by empowering people for action. They take place in the conference centre in Caux above Montreux. Every year, they attract around 1500 participants from all over the world. In 2013, they will run from 29 June to 12 August. Caux is family friendly. Parallel (and wherever possible) related activities for younger participants will be carried so that their contribution and creativity will add to the intergenerational activity through the breadth of the summer.

Under the generic title “Caux 2013 Initiatives for human security: a people-centred approach”, the 2013 vintage builds up on some of the great impulses started during these last five years of the ‘Caux Forum for Human Security’. Its direct heritage will be found in the first three conferences. Human Security focuses primarily on protecting people while promoting peace and assuring sustainable continuous development. It emphasizes aiding individuals by using a people-centred approach for resolving inequalities that affect security.

  • Just governance, the first of seven conferences, will attempt to find new ways to promote more ethical and inclusive governance throughout the world’s societal systems. It will welcome speakers from various political, industrial and civic spheres from Africa and beyond, and will confront themes such as equitable wealth distribution and the fight against corruption. It will also host the Official Day on the 30th June.


  • Healing history will explore methods to overcome racism, to seek equity and to build better communities. It will follow on the depth and duration of race relation work conducted by the Hope in the Cities work in the USA. Noticeable speakers of this conference will include Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of the eminent Mahatma Gandhi and formerly president of IofC International, and Dr. Gail C. Christopher, a leader in health policy whose work has worldwide recognition.


  • The Caux dialogue on land and security will focus on the issues of land degradation and will study how good environmental sustainability and desertification prevention can help restore fertile lands and enhance people’s security. Land restoration can indeed be a path to building sustainable peace, locally and globally. At the same time, peace is a prerequisite for restoring land. Changes in human attitudes, behaviour and relationships are a key to achieving both. Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary from the UNCCD, will come and bring his expertise as well as Dr. Rattan Lal, Professor of Soil Science from Ohio, USA.


  • Trust and integrity in the global economy is a good opportunity for participants to investigate and build new means of responsible economic prosperity. Prosperity can be achieved in other ways than just simple growth: our model needs an update, the 2008 crisis has been a proof of it. Based on this assumption, this conference will welcome influential business leaders and entrepreneurs among which will be present Genevieve Boast, Tony Bradley, Peter Brew and many others.


  • Children as actors for transforming society will allow children to participate in our adult society in a way never attempted before at Caux. With brand new concepts explored in various workshops such as the idea of a contemplative education, a child-to-child approach, this conference will question different communication strategies for different interactions between children, adults and enhancing their participation. Victoria Barras from the Montessori Association will be present, as well as Gerison Lansdown from The Children’s rights alliance for England and many others. This conference is organized in partnership with the Child-to-Child Trust.


  • Learning to live in a multicultural world will tackle intergenerational issues, particularly relevant to those in diaspora in which circumstances can add to the fragility of family stability. Social cohesion is failing, particularly in Europe, and our objective is to build the communities of tomorrow by connecting the generations together today. Many speakers from around the world involved in intergenerational issues will come, including Zahra Hassan and Mohamed Mohamud, the founders of ‘Intergenerational Dialogues’ whose work in the Somalian diaspora in the United Kingdom is particularly relevant.


  • Seeds of inspiration, last but not least of these seven conferences, is a programme building on the success of the Dynamics of Being a Change-Maker in 2012, aiming to bring a energizing and highly participatory experience that will facilitate sharing of practices and insights. Many creative activities and workshops will liven up the pace, with the sole objective of sparking inspiration in people!


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