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Screenshot from the Foundations AGM2021

Foundations for Freedom held Annual General Meeting 2021

Wednesday, 24. March 2021

On the 20th of February 2021 “Foundations for Freedom” held an Annual General Meeting, and due to all the COVID-19 circumstances, it was held online. Even though it would be much more pleasant to meet and hug each other, this format enabled us to host 56 people from more than 10 countries. 

During the AGM we not only got a chance to see each other, but we also covered a lot of important topics, and questions. For instance, we had a chance to present some F4F activities, such as the project “History begins in the family”, the Trustbuilding programme in Ukraine, the online F4F Community Meeting in September 2020, Participatory budgeting, and an update on Baranivka. 

Screenshot from the Foundations AGM2021

Probably the most anticipated part of the AGM was the election and renewal of F4F governing bodies. This year we had a chance to vote online so all the F4F members who wanted to take part in the voting process could do that through an online voting system, and 57 of us did. We thank Oleksa Stasevych for solving this difficult technical challenge while ensuring confidentiality. So let’s welcome our newly elected governing bodies representatives.

Here are our new Board members:

  • Sofiia-Yuliia Sydorenko (Head of the Board)
  • Alex Azarov
  • Claude Bourdin
  • Leonid Donos
  • Rob Lancaster
  • Liudmyla Levcheniuk
  • Vladislav Oleatovschi
  • Olha Merezhuk
  • Mikheili Aslikian
  • Lidiia Zamaraieva
  • Natalia Makaruk

And here are the Control and Audit Committee for 2021-2022:

  • Oleh Ovcharenko
  • Kostiantyn Ploskyi
  • Yuliia Vaulina

Results of the Board Members elections

We want to thank the previous Board members for their service, dedication and desire to bring much needed impact. Here are the Board members for 2019-2021:

  • Kostiantyn Ploskyi (Head of the Board)
  • Claude Bourdin
  • Leonid Donos
  • Oleh Ovcharenko
  • Oleksandra Tselishcheva
  • Iryna Mushkina
  • Serhii Zhukovskyi
  • Sofiya Sydorenko
  • Oleksa Stasevych
  • David Curtis

And the Control and Audit Committee for 2019-2021:

  • Valentyn Bondarenko
  • Olena Kashkariova
  • Eskender Bariiev

Iryna Mushkina playing piano

Between the official parts of the AGM we had a chance to listen to a very inspiring live piano performance by our Board member - Ira Mushkina!

We wish all the best to the newly elected governing bodies, and no doubt they will bring new energy and ideas for F4F development and prosperity. One of the highest priorities for them now is to establish regular communication with the members of F4F, so stay tuned and good health to you and your loved ones!

Screenshot from the Foundations AGM2021

Special thank you words for the team who helped to organise the meeting, including Alena Vasilieva for the organisation of the event in Zoom, Iryna Mushkina and Alex Azarov for the music arrangement, Aliaksandr Kvartanly and Dmytro Kushnir for the language facilitation, and others, who made the meeting fantastic.