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Inside-Out Leadership course participants in Moldova 2015

Expérimenter le leadership pour soi et pour les autres

Jeudi, 17. septembre 2015

Leadership pour soi et pour les autres, une formation de six jours, a eu lieu pour la deuxième fois du 5 au 11 septembre 2015. Treize femmes et dix hommes originaires de huit pays - moyenne d'âge de 29 ans - se sont réunis dans le village tranquille de Lalova sur la rivière Nistru, à 90 minutes de Chisinau, la capitale de Moldavie. La formation s'est déroulée dans le centre familial d'Hanul Hanganu, construit dans un style traditionnel avec des matériaux locaux et offrant de la nourriture végétarienne locale.

Voici le texte d'invitation à la formation : « L'idée de cette formation est qu'une différence positive dans le monde commence par faire une différence positive dans nos propres vies. L'accent est mis sur le fait que chacun est un outil pour le changement, plus que sur la proposition d'outils pour le changement. Elle est destinée aux personnes qui pensent que ce que je "suis" est aussi important que ce que je "fais".

Victor Levinta, responsable marketing à l'hôpital international Medpark de Chisinau, partage son expérience (en anglais).

Inside-Out Leadership Course participant in MoldovaThere is no need for a lot of words to describe me and my life. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, my mom and dad decided that I will be born in the Republic of Moldova and my name will be Victor. I had a tough education from my parents, school, university, friends, TV and wild neighbourhoods in a post-Soviet country.​ The main lessons I learnt were to never give up, help yourself, cherish your parents, and trust nobody. After a long chain of events in my professional life, I now work in a hospital filled with suffering people who came to us desperately looking for a cure. My job is to create and maintain the image of helpfulness, trust, quality and professionalism.

A couple of weeks ago I received a link with an invitation to the training ‘Inside-Out Leadership’, organised by Initiatives of Change and Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa eV. The training topic was something new for me and very intriguing. My instincts told me that a big change in my life will happen there. I applied and was accepted after my second try.

Now I can say just one thing – I am different. Let me explain why.

I spent six days away from civilisation, in nature, together with another twenty two bright minds, and Bhavesh Patel gently facilitating all of us diving inside ourselves. Day by day our journey was deeper and deeper. At every step we were facing our thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears, dreams and weaknesses. Bhav bravely took the responsibility to guide our own inner work​ to the ‘light’. The ‘light’ is a special condition of the soul, body, mind and spirit, where each one of us feels a connection to the deepest inside of us, where we find the whole world, where all is one.

Why would we need all of it? The reason is simple – we want to change the world, to make it a better place to live, and it is possible only by changing ourselves!

Theory plus practice, practice plus theory, simple games, complex games, mind games, joy, fun, words, mimicry, creativity, imagination, emotions, and a lot of other tools were used to explore the path, outside-in and inside-out. We took a close look at our values, we analysed them, we measured and weighed them, we selected them by priority and used them to explore and guide our decisions. We shared the stories of our lives, it showed us how and why we became who we are. We drew together our maps of the world and we understood that they are very different even if we all look so similar. A lot of discussions, deep questions, revelations and disclosures were experienced in order to come closer to our purpose – self-discovery for the sake of the world.

Now, I am sitting in the front of my computer and I am asking myself a question – was this training useful or not for me? The first answer coming to my mind is – this training changed my life! Is it possible to get a better result for the organisers? I don't think so!

You, one of the few people reading these words right now, please, do not stop trying to become an inside-out leader, an individual who offers themselves in service of others. Always try to appreciate and learn from the world inside you and around you before you act. Keep yourself open, let others come first, be the change, share what motivates and inspires you, at home, at work, in the park, with family, friends, colleagues and new people.

This training and these ideas must be kept alive, developed and shared, because all that we experienced in six days is just one step in a long journey of becoming a new type of human being, ‘Homo Lucis’ – Person of Light.Inside-Out Leadership Course participants in Moldova