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Invitation au rassemblement régional et à l'AG de Fondations pour la Liberté

Jeudi, 24. octobre 2013

Rassemblement régional et assemblée générale 2013 de Fondations pour la Liberté

Temps d'examen, d'échange et de renouvellement

Il y a vingt ans, en 1993, la première formation du programme Fondations pour la Liberté (F4F) a eu lieu en Slovaquie. A partir de là a germé l'idée d'en faire un programme structuré, puis un réseau et maintenant une ONG internationale donnant naissance à de nouvelles initiatives. Comment F4F en est-il arrivé là ? Où en est-il aintenant? Qui le compose ? Et ensuite?

Vous êtes invités au rasemblement régional et à l'assemblée générale 2013 de Fondations pour la Liberté qui aura lieu du 6 au 8 décembre 2013 à Kiev en Ukraine.

Si vous êtes membre de F4F/I&C ou d'un de ses réseaux satellites ou de la communauté Baranivka, si vous avez pris part à un dialogue "guérir les blessures du passé", si vous avez étudié le "leadership éthique" ou si vous êtes intéressés par un de ces thèmes, alors vous êtes les bienvenus pour passer 3 jours à analyser, réseauter, échanger des compétences et des expériences et nous aider à renouveler les perspectives et objectifs de F4F.

Voir ci-dessous le programme détaillé des 3 jours (en anglais) :


  • demo sessions run by our trainers on dialogue skills, communication methods, discovering ethics and community living;
  • a panel discussion on the possibility of Ethical living and leadership in our region with invited guest speakers;
  • creative art sessions (painting, crafting);
  • time for reflection and sharing;
  • basics and best practices of the 'Start with yourself' philosophy through presentation and inspiring movies;
  • market place of projects and organizations;
  • future research and planning;
  • F4F General Assembly on Sunday, 8 December 2013 for anyone interested, including reports, board elections and approval of future plans (voting only INGO F4F members).



  • create space where people from different F4F teams and networks can meet, share experiences and skills, express their needs, give feed-back, share joys; exchange ideas and expectations from local projects and initiatives;
  • search together how our work is applicable to the needs of society in Eastern and Central Europe;
  • learn possibilities for common activities in a united spirit and with common vision;
  • provide opportunity to take part in 2-3 training sessions on dialogue skills, communication, discovering ethics and community living;
  • offer a few sessions on the basics of IofC history and philosophy for those who are from satellite networks and would like to know more about IofC/F4F;
  • combine the Regional Meeting with the General Assembly, so that the whole Network and those interested become aware of the overall work of F4F and its satellite projects.


Currently we are gathering a bigger team to run the Regional Meeting and General Assembly.  If you want to join the team, please, be in touch on by 1, November 2013. 

Détails pratiques

The meeting will take place in a hotel in Kyiv's outskirts (reachable by public transport) starting from 16.00 on Friday, 6 December 2013 and finishing by 16.00 on Sunday, 8 December 2013.  More detailed information about the location and other practical details will be posted on the web within next 2 weeks. 

If you would like to take part in the meeting, please, fill in application form following the link stating whether you need accommodation or not by 15, November 2013.  You will get confirmation about your participation by November 20 or earlier on request for those traveling from afar.

With the generous support of the Irene Prestwich Trust we are able to cover accommodation and stay for those who might need it in Kyiv (up to 45 people), as well as partly cover the travel costs.  In case you need financial support, please, let us know in the application form. At the same time all participants are encouraged to make a donation towards participation in the meeting with suggested amount of 10 Euro or more. 


With any questions or for further information, please, email us at of via telephone in Ukraine +38 0508081159 or +38 0982742852