Le Programme pour la Création de la Confiance - Kenya

Le Programme pour la Création de la Confiance - Kenya

The project will address the areas of tension and mistrust within interfaith and inter-ethnic conflicts. Kenya has witnessed multiple terror attacks and inter-ethnic clashes especially in the coastal region of Mombasa and North Eastern region of Garissa where this project is targeting. This has not only created mistrust and tension but also hate, stigma and negative perception among communities living together in the region, the tension has equally been fueled by political interests owing to clan differences in a quest to power struggle. This project directly addresses the key issues that make communities loose trust with one another.

Focus of the project

The project aims at addressing fear and challenges among communities and people from different faiths through dialogue to build trust and promote unity in diversity and foster peaceful coexistence. The team is committed to address cultural, faith and social differences among their communities.

Kenya Project Team

Mumbi WambuguMumbi Wambugu

Mumbi is IofC Kenya’s National Coordinator and a level 3 facilitator for Creators of Peace and has run and supported over 26 Peace Circles. Mumbi has trained CoP facilitators in Uganda (T.o.F), she is a facilitator of Kenya I Care project, has facilitated workshops with South Sudanese and Sudanese people living in Kenya, university students, secondary, primary schools, and youths. 



Ann Njeri KimanthiNjeri Kimanthi

Njeri is a passionate peace ambassador & practitioner, a certified mediator and a social rights activist. A graduate with a Master in Peace Studies and International Relations, she has been working in peace building, conflict transformation, leadership development and capacity building areas since 2006, with a bias towards women and young people. Njeri has been involved with Initiatives of Change in Kenya and internationally for over 13 years and possess practical skills working on interpersonal, interethnic/interfaith issues and conflict sensitivity. Her passion and calling for peacebuilding and conflict transformation is inspired by a very personal encounter, having been a victim of ethnic clashes. 

Steven KimaruSteven Kimaru

Stephen has been an IofC Volunteer for the last 13 years. He met IofC when in University studying Law. After Graduation in 2009, he decided to give time to IofC for just one year but since then he has been a full-time volunteer.

Stephen is a member of the Kenya IofC board as the Secretary and Treasurer, a member of IofC’s African Coordination Group, as well as a member of IofC International Council. Over the years Stephen has been involved in different initiatives with IofC both in Kenya and internationally. He’s been involved in major projects such as Clean Elections Campaign, Eastern Africa Youth Program, Workshop for Africa, and A Journey of Healing for national reconciliation in South Sudan. Currently Stephen is involved in reconciliation processes through Interfaith Dialogues and the ILLP initiative in Baringo County, Kenya. Stephen is a Director of three companies; Effective Change Consultants, Xperience Media, and Penguin Group.

Mike MuikiaMike Muikia

Mike has been with IofC since 2006 and was trained as a facilitator of IofC programs through Action for Life 5, Life Matters Course in 2011 and 2012 in India and Australia. He coordinated Asia Plateau Internship Program in 2013/2014. As of 2014, Mike has been coordinating the Kenya I Care Schools program as well as the production of IofC Kenya Annual Reports. Since 2018, Mike has been the admin of the Global IofC YouTube Channel and has produced audio visuals and training materials for Caux, Asia Plateau, Armagh Australia, IofC Brazil, and IofC Africa. These audio visuals are available at his YouTube channel (Experience MEDIA Kenya).

Dan MugeraDan Mugera

Dan is the founder and Executive Director of The African Centre for Public Speaking which specializes in leadership development, public speaking, and mentality change. He has coached professionals, delivered speeches, and trained over one hundred thousand people across Africa and in the US. As a psychosocial analyst with a background in counselling psychology, he appears regularly on the media tackling social issues in Kenya. He has authored two books, Public Speaking from the Heart and Eradicating a Poverty Mentality (to be published). In 2013 he was awarded by Aiducation International for his mentoring of students in Kenya and in 2017 he was awarded an honorary PhD in Morality Social Work by the International University of Morality for his contribution to social work. Dan has been volunteering with IofC since 2011. He has participated and trained in the EAYF Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, trained the Tanzanian IofC team in 2017, and he is the convener, trainer, and facilitator of the Interfaith dialogue program since 2016.

Esther Marrie InzekellahEsther Marrie Inzekellah

Esther is a Mass Media Communication (PR Option) graduate from Mount Kenya University. She joined IofC in 2012, where she has worked with various programs, including: Kenya I care, Clean Elections Campaign and Creators of Peace. She has especially been active in the area of training and workshop facilitation, as well as report writing for the activities. Esther is a determined person with a great passion to serve humanity. For the Trustbuilding Program she takes the role of Assistant Communications Officer.


Balqesa Abdi

Balqesa is a peace ambassador, youth and women empowerment expert and trainer with over 10 years of experience in social development and transformation. She holds Master of Arts in international studies, Bachelor of Science in Information studies and post graduate diploma in project planning and management. Balqesa works closely with youth from different faiths to create platforms for interfaith dialogue to discuss how challenges and perceptions can be addressed to promote peace and coexistence among young people from different faiths. She is internationally accredited in mediation and conflict management, holds a certificate on national healing and reconciliation and Healing conversation process.

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