Beyond Walls

Mardi, 13. février 2018

Beyond Walls by Suresh Khatri

Despair grips the common citizen looking out at the world: political leaders preoccupied with feathering their own, rather than furthering everyone’s future; the rich getting astronomically richer and jobs becoming fewer; women living in silent misery in homes devastated by infidelities, sexual abuse and horrific domestic violence; greed destroying the Earth beyond repair; mounting injustices breeding hate, and discontent exploding into expulsions and unending bloody conflicts.

Life seems a losing battle of hope against despair for billlions, struggling in a world that does not work for them.

Within these odds, this book proposes that every person can find sustainable hope. Certainly within them. And even beyond. This happens as they rectify in themselves any elements of the ills they see outside – dishonesty, self-interest, sexual excesses, greed, envy and hate. Then because they have changed and found some freedom from these, they begin to author a different story for themselves, while nurturing a new expectation that everyone else can change similarly for a more just world. By starting each day seeking inspiration in an hour of silence, anyone can free themselves from hopelessness. Inner inspiration helps everyone find fulfillment by starting with changing what is within their reach, howsoever little it may be. their attitude to life becomes proactive. Rather than doing nothing just because too much cannot be changed easily, they become engaged in changing what they can.

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