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Frank Buchman and the Germans by Pierre Spoerri

Thursday, 12. May 2016

Frank Buchman and the Germans by Pierre Spoerri

Translated and edited by Peter Thwaites

Frank Buchman and the Germans coverThis is a book of historical research. Frank N D Buchman (1878-1961), leader of the Oxford Group from around 1921, initiator of Moral Re-Armament 1938 was an American with distant Swiss-German roots. Buchman had a deep love for Germany. The period covered here, roughly 1920-1950, begins with a defeated Germany suffering economic collapse and widespread hardship following World War I. It covers the 12 years of Nazi power which promised rebirth but brought tyranny, genocide and national destruction. It ends as a democratic Federal Republic and a reconciled Western Europe are about to take shape.

Germany's improbable renaissance from the ruin and shame of 1945 has now continued for two generations. National repentance for the evils of Nazism has been systematic and ongoing. From being a global pariah the country is now viewed as the lynchpin of an increasingly integrated democratic Europe.

Pierre SpoerriPierre Spoerri grew up in Zürich where his father, Theophil Spoerri, was Professor of Romance Languages and Literature (Romanistik), and in 1948-1950 Rector of the University. Pierre has spent his entire life working with Moral Re- Armament (MRA) and Initiatives of Change, as the movement is now named. With his wife, Fulvia, he worked in Asia, Africa and Europe and later became part of the team guiding the operations of the Caux conference centre. The Spoerris based in Bonn for 20 years, returning to Switzerland shortly after Germany, against all predictions, was reunified in 1990.

Peter Thwaites (Translator, born 20 July 1942) graduated in German and Russian from Melbourne University in 1964. 1965-1967 further studies (Slavonic Philology) at Zürich University. From 1967 he worked internationally as a full-time volunteer with Moral Re-Armament / Initiatives of Change, particularly in Europe and in his own country Australia. He maintains his interest in the German and Russian cultural areas. For Caux Books he translated Russian philosopher Grigory Pomerants' essay The Spiritual Movement from the West (2004) and cotranslated Theophil Spoerri's book on Frank Buchman, Dynamic out of Silence (1976)

Published by Caux Books and available from the Caux bookshop for CHF26

‘Frank Buchman and the Germans’, by Pierre Spoerri, translated and edited by Peter Thwaites, Appendix of original documents and facsimiles.

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ISBN: 978-2-88037-528-7
Pages: 119