Gandhi Voyage Background

Gandhi Voyage Background

FEB—JULY 2010: Rajmohan Gandhi, a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, led a team to countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Europe and the Americas, on a Voyage of Dialogue and Discovery. A flyer is available

'In the face of enormous environmental, economic and social challenges, how can we all begin to address the divisions that get in the way of effective responses?

In an era of global competition, how might we contribute to a climate of cooperation?

Amid the pace of today’s world, can we find the time, energy, and humility needed to build trust across the divides around us?

We don’t come with simple answers but with a hope for honest dialogue and a desire for collaboration. We want to hear your stories, dreams and challenges, to share experiences, and explore together fresh ideas.

What opportunities or new approaches might we discover?

What might be achieved through a coalition of those willing to respond to the inner voice of conscience?

How to create a climate of cooperation and trust where, together, we meet the challenges of peace and survival?'

Rajmohan Gandhi
President, Initiatives of Change - International