Gente que Avanza

Gente que Avanza (People on the Move)

Gente que Avanza

Gente que Avanza (People on the Move)

Gente que Avanza Latin American Movement – Uruguay

Gente que Avanza (People on the Move)

Gente que AvanzaGente que Avanza is a non-profit civic organization, founded in Uruguay in January 1970. Its legal status is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay (since 1972). Born under the name of the Latin American Cast Viva la Gente (Up with People), it set out to capture the public imagination, articulating a new vision for living through song, dance, workshops, sharing of personal experiences. In 1998 its name was changed to Gente Que Avanza.

Its goal is to promote a new mentality in people, principally the youth, aimed at developing a stronger civic conscience, constructive community life and sound democratic values. It trains young people in areas of leadership and personal development; helping them place their talents at the service of others and find their role as leaders in the world of today.

Nowadays it has, in Uruguay, a dedicated and committed group of young and adults that are working to spread the idea in Uruguay and the continent. Some of them are on fulltime basis, and the others work as part-timers. They organized and facilitate workshops and courses in schools, universities, church´s groups, private organizations, etc.

Gente que Avanza works...

Gente que Avanza

  • to promote change in people and a clear decision to invest their talents in the construction of a better society based on values that enhance the essence and dignity of men and women
  • to train young people to be clear thinking leaders and social enterprisers, firm in their values, willing to begin with themselves the change they seek for society and respectful of cultural diversity and teamwork
  • to contribute to the integration of Latin America, building bridges between people and cultures, creeds and ways of thinking, respecting the differences and the values of each country
  • to reaffirm the value and the mission of the Family, as a community of love and life where men and women learn to share and be supportive
  • to promote values and the dignity of people through the Arts and the Media.


Gente que Avanza Training Programme

Gente que AvanzaGente que Avanza offers a programme that complements academic education, within the Non Formal Educative System, searching to draw out the best in people for the benefit of those around them. It takes on the whole person in all his or her aspects, seeking to develop the multiple intelligences each person possesses - spiritual, intellectual, emotional.

The programme consists of 10 months that includes four stages. Two take place in Montevideo, Uruguay, and two are developed in the countryside of Uruguay and in other countries, primarily of Latin America.

Some of the workshops facilitated for the GQA Training Centre:

  • Knowledge of oneself
  • Self-esteem
  • Human Relationships
  • Inner Freedom
  • Vocation and Purpose in Life
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Project in life
  • The Five Languages of Love
  • Stress within organizations
  • Working environment


Gente que Avanza leadership training programme photoEach workshop could be facilitated with skits, songs and group activities in which the sharing of personal experiences of facilitators and participants enrich the content of each theme.

Living and sharing with host families
This is a very important aspect, both for the learning process of the participants and for the life of each host family.

The fact of living in a family home, sharing its lifestyle, experiences and culture involves a mutual growing factor, building strong bonds of friendship that facilitate the integration of our countries.

Cultural Performances
This an imaginary trip through the countries visited by Gente que Avanza, their dance, music, typical instruments and national costumes… an effective way of transmitting the cultural values of Latin America.

To take part it is necessary to …

  • be between 18 and 30 years old,
  • have completed Secondary Education,
  • be available for one year to participate in the programme,
  • be single and without children,
  • speak Spanish,
  • go through a personal interview,
  • count on the backing of parents or tutors.

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