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Individuals of many cultures, nationalities, religions, and beliefs are actively involved with Initiatives of Change. These commentaries represent the views of the writer and not necessarily those of Initiatives of Change as a whole. If you would like to contribute a commentary, please email us. We welcome feedback that contributes to the stated aim of this website which is to build relationships of trust across the world's divides. The editors reserve the right to refuse contributions that use intemperate language or vilify others and which do not in our view encourage productive dialogue.

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A reflection on trustbuilding by International Council member, Barry Hart (USA).

Rob Corcoran

Rob Corcoran reflects on the celebration honoring 25 years of work by Hope in the Cities. He asks what lies behind the depth, dynamism and durability of this movement in Richmond which has inspired communities across America and internationally?

Rob Corcoran

This blog reflects on the connection between teambuilding, community and forgiveness.

Rishab Khanna

The world seems burdened by complex problems; yet the simple solutions is care— care for humans, care for our planet, and all that is in it. How can a CARE economy benefit everyone?

The Richmond Unity Walk Through History

Twenty-five years ago, Richmond took its first steps toward publicly acknowledging its traumatic history of slavery and racial oppression. On 18 June 1993, area residents of all backgrounds supported by representatives of 50 other cities and 20 countries walked together to mark sites previously too painful or shameful to remember.

Tracie Mooneyham in Panchgani with friend (photo Armaan Dua)

‘So, how are you finding your time at Asia Plateau?’, came the question from across the breakfast table. Though the question came from a dear friend, I couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed. I had arrived in Panchgani only three days prior and was struggling to balance the jet-lag, work deadlines at home, and the work related to the programme, Lead for Change, of which I had made the trip to India for.