Save the date: 'Heart of Effective Leadership (HEL) – Europe' 19-21 September 2014

Thursday, 15. May 2014

Heart of Effective Leadership (HEL): 

19-21 September 2014 in Caux

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The Heart of Effective Leadership (HEL) – Europe training programme will take place from Friday 19 September to Sunday 21 September 2014 at the Villa Maria seminar centre in Caux above Montreux, Switzerland.

This training programme has been created and run by senior managers of industry. It has encountered great success in India, where it originated, with more than 1000 leaders having participated.

The HEL-Europe training programme is not about developing hard or soft skills, but about strengthening our character and trustworthiness. Its focus is on developing our inner leadership strength to help us make more effective decisions and make us grow individually and as a team.

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