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Hassan Mohamud and Harry Månsus at the Hope in the Järva and Prison reconciliation programme 22 August 2015

Hope in the Järva and Prison reconciliation programme

Wednesday, 9. September 2015

Järva is a region in north west Stockholm, it has residents from more than 140 countries. Over 65 people from diverse networks attended the Hope in the Järva and Prison reconciliation project on 22 August. Some were participants of the ‘Trust building leadership’ course, others were members of Djupare Liv and Equmeniakyrkan, and various other organizations.  Most of them were from Järva region, and others came from Stockholm, but were concerned about integration issues. Rishabh Khanna reports:

The event was opened by Cai Berg and Maria Langefors from Tensta Kyrkan, who have been working on community engagement for many years. Later on Hassan Mohamud explained the root causes of conflict in the region, and the vision of building trust in the region through honest conversations.  Hassan’s vision was supported by Harry Månsus, who also had the dream of connecting different networks to work for a common purpose in the region.

Rishabh Khanna, one of the coordinators of Hope in Järva, explained the entire design of the project, and also showed a film about the training.

Then he invited the participants to share their experience of hosting and facilitating the various dialogues. This panel discussion was facilitated by Nik Dahlstrom from IofC Sweden.

The dialogues were on topics which concerned the participants, so the topics ranged from housing rights, ex militia reconciliation, to issues of stereotyping and segregation.

The exchange of stories was very lively, and the participants enjoyed each others sharing very much. After an energetic discussion, we decided to slow down and reflect on what all this would mean to our personal life, all enhanced by Maria’s enchanting music. This was followed by a comprehensive presentation by Ulrica Fritzson; she described her work on reconciliation in the prisons of Malmö, which has been based on the Hope prison ministry in Pollsmoor jail in South Africa.

We concluded with questions, and feedback from the floor on the entire experience of the workshop. Right at the end we had Harry Ferngren, and Sofia Zitouni (Folke Bernadotte Foundation) giving out certificates of participation to all the delegates of the training.