Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace - Projects and Initiatives

Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security

The Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security (formerly known as the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security) is an annual conference based on the principle that integrating land restoration with community-based peacebuilding can create a virtuous cycle leading to both environmental and social recovery. In 2020, it focused on ways to initiate the circle of environmental regeneration and peace, focusing on cross-pollination of knowledge and best practices through workshops and panels.


Summer Academy on Land, Security and Climate

The Summer Academy on Land, Security and Climate brings together environmental and security professionals in an intensive, five-day course with the aim of forging an understanding on the nexus between land, security and climate and building a network of alumni who can draw on each other’s strengths to resolve the issues within this nexus in their communities.


Water Warriors

The Water Warriors held their inaugural training on watershed management in August 2020 via Zoom, incorporating aspects from Geo-, Hydro-, Agro-, Sciences and Community Building. Their vision is that before the next rains, the community in Habaswein (Northeastern Kenya) will work to construct check dams and johads (percolation ponds) to hold back rainwater and start recharging the aquifers.


Leading Change for a Sustainable World 

Leading Change for a Sustainable World aims to bring together members of the IofC network in a training course centered on the guidance of values and personal purpose in the creation of a just, sustainable world, with the hopes of continuing to build a community.


The Solar Peace Initiative (SPI)

The Solar Peace Initiative (SPI) delivered food to communities in need, assisted with resettlement of elderly families into permanent homes, and held an outreach event for members of the SPI family to meet with one another and to plan for the upcoming year. It worked in the slums of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru and communities in dry areas such as Turkana, Garissa and Tana River, especially for food delivery. 



During the lockdown, Grampari in partnership with Vardhishnu, Jalgaon, Maharashtra helped many migrant workers walk back to their homes and provided them with sufficient food and water along the way, supplied water tankers to support villages until the next monsoon season, and provided miscellaneous supplies to support villagers’ livelihoods such as horses, health care, and grocery kits in a time of uncertainty.