Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace - The Team

Dr. Irina Fedorenko 

An Academic and a serial green tech entrepreneur working on Nature-Based Solutions, Irina manages the Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security, focused on building bridges between policy-makers and entrepreneurs. Motivated by impact and the power of social entrepreneurship, she co-founded Kindness Collective, a social enterprise that helps women's farming cooperatives in India; and Beta-Earth, which supports sustainable economic development in local communities. To learn more about Irina, visit her LinkedIn page. 

Bo Sprotte Kofod

Bringing experience in communication, policy, and networking within sustainable land management, Bo is experienced in forest and nature management, representing the youth in the land management sector. He has also worked with local communities in forests through collaboration with EFI, FAO, UNDP. To learn more about Bo, visit his LinkedIn page.


Rishabh Khanna

The Chief Impact Officer at Earthbanc and co-founder of Envirohealthmatters, Rishabh is driven by his calling to strike a balance between social and ecological systems. For over ten years he has focused on applying new economic and business models in accordance with the planet and all its creatures. He has worked with organizations like Initiatives of Change, WWF, Climate Action Network, ABNAmro Bank, UNFCCC, UN Habitat, Ministry of Defence in Sweden, Ministry of New Renewable Energy in India, Ministry of Environment and Forests, TATA Group, PwC and more.

Pinaki Dagupta

Pinaki Dasgupta

Pinaki's professional responsibilities and interests lie in engineering, innovations and sustainability. He is a practicing consultant with 19 years of experience in diverse sectors ranging from energy, environment, and industrial substances. Pinaki is currently pursuing his doctoral research from the Centre for Rural Development, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi on wastewater. He has contributed as an UN online volunteer & the Indian Youth Climate Network, volunteers for connecting and building communities on nature conservation, peace building and is passionate to work on the intersection of science, faith, creativity and society. 

Dr Peter Rundell CBE FSS 

Peter Rundell has over 40 years experience in international development and stabilisation.  He worked for over 30 years in DFID, leading teams in Southern Africa, the Western Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  Since leaving DFID he has been Deputy Head of an EU Border Assistance Mission, works as a senior advisor for the World Bank and the UN, and has published on governance, stabilisation, decentralisation and economic development.  He has been a member of the ILLP Steering Group since 2015, and chairs a citizen engagement network with over 30,000 members in Zimbabwe.

Nick Foster

Dr. Nicholas Foster 

Nick Foster has been involved in personal development work through Initiatives of Change for nearly 30 years. This comprised leading mentoring and training programmes across Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada, and South Africa, and more recently he works as the coordinator of activities in the Caux Palace, Switzerland - conferences and training programmes.  Connecting thousands of participants from diverse backgrounds and careers in a participative and inclusive manner underpins the breadth of activities undertaken by Initiatives of Change in Switzerland, which Nick has managed for the last 9 years. 

Dr. Alan Channer

Alan Channer is a project director, documentary film producer, writer and researcher on peacebuilding and the environment. He was a runner-up for the 2019 Bremen International Peace Prize; co-designer of a programme on 'pastoralist-farmer conflict transformation' in Nigeria which won a United Nations Intercultural Innovation Award in 2017; speaker at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Forum; and producer of the award-winning film,The Imam and the Pastor, which premiered at the United Nations in 2006. Alan is a Senior Fellow of the Global EverGreening Alliance and on the Executive Committee of Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace. He began his career in tropical agricultural biology, carrying out research in China, Malawi, Tuvalu and Zimbabwe. He has worked on trustbuilding programmes in Cambodia, Chad, Kenya, Nigeria and UK, with UNDP, the US Institute of Peace, Initiatives of Change and other agencies.

Patrick Worms

Patrick Worms 

Patrick Worms trained as a molecular geneticist and is the Senior Science Policy Advisor of World Agroforestry, the world’s only global institution devoted to the study of trees in agricultural landscapes. Patrick’s work sits at the nexus of land restoration and human security. He is convinced that marrying traditional and advanced knowledge is the most promising pathway to rural prosperity, a giant help to mitigate our impact on biodiversity and the atmosphere and, tantalizingly, peace in a warming world. He serves as President of the European Agroforestry Federation and Treasurer of the International Union of Agroforestry; is a Fellow of the Evergreening Global Alliance, and serves on a number of advisory boards. 

Meera Shah

Meera Shah joined the Ag4Impact team, and subsequently the Malabo Montpellier Panel team, as a Project Administrator, in September 2016. She coordinated the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security in 2013 - 2017 and the North Rift Dialogue on Land and Security, in Baringo, Kenya. She holds a Masters in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of Warwick. She has completed several internships at think tanks and conservation organisations including Environmental Law Foundation, Environmental Investigation Agency, Chatham House and Global Call for Climate Action.

Jennifer Helgeson

Dr. Jennifer Helgeson

Dr. Jennifer Helgeson is a research economist and was one of the founding members of the ILLP Steering Group. Her research interests are focused around survey assessments and economic analyses that consider behavioral aspects and approaches to dealing with socio-ecological systems. In the past, Dr. Helgeson was a researcher at the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research, Norway, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, France and has done extensive fieldwork in Uganda with the Grameen Foundation. Dr. Helgeson has authored many journal articles, reports, and has co-edited two books. She co-edited the Elsevier textbook “Land Restoration: Reclaiming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future,” which highlights many examples from the ILLP network. 

Steven Kimaru 

A lawyer by training, Stephen has been involved with IofC for over 16 years. He’s the secretary of IofC Kenya board and serves as a member of the African Coordination Group and member of the International Council of Initiatives of Change International. He has been a member of the ILLP team in Kenya and helped coordinate ILLP initiatives in Kenya. Over the years Stephen has been heavily involved in a variety of different initiatives in IofC both in Kenya and internationally. Stephen is an entrepreneur and as a passion he runs a small tour company that promotes sustainable and impact travel with conservation as a key component. He has served on different advisory boards for CBO’s and Nonprofit organisations.

Sveinung Nygaard

Sveinung Nygaard

Music Composer from Norway living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Working with music for film, theatre commercials and tv series all across the world. Is specifically interested in the role of arts in development of democracy and coherence in countries and regions, and wants to see arts being implemented as a tool for innovation and motivation in the climate crisis. Heads up the Bards For Climate network within ILLP that is working with artists in helping them being involved in these aspects. Learn more about Sveinung at his website and on Spotify.

Evgenia Kyanova

A Master of Business Administration, Evgenia has a long track record of managing education events and projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Over the past year, she has been supporting a number of grassroots initiatives aiming at social justice, sustainable post-pandemic economic recovery and climate change mitigation. Some of these include the UK arm of the Green New Deal movement and the SDG Network London. To learn more about Evgenia, visit her LinkedIn page.