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Inspiring Change


Whether we like it or not, do we have the social media we deserve? Former journalist, Mike Smith looks at how we interact with social media and how we can change course.


The pandemic has brought new urgency to the many issues that face us today – what does this mean for addressing the legacy of colonialism in Brazil?


This contribution, and testament to ‘living the values’, is a window into what so many across the world have experienced as a part of their involvement in IofC.

Residents of Habaswein (Abdi Ahmed, second from left)

It is said that water always finds a way - this is definitely true of the incredible journey that became the Water Warriors training programme!

Rob Corcoran

Rob Corcoran, Trustbuilding Program trainer, reflects on using the 'inner voice' as an essential foundation for effective and sustained social change.

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Christoph Spreng, IofC International representative to the Council of Europe gives his perspective on the issues affecting democracies of all sizes.