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Photo by Leela Channer

Inspiring Change

Photo by Joan Villalon on Unsplash

Imelda Walker, who discovered IofC in 1970, reflects on the necessary healing that must happen to eliminate racism today.

The Channer family with friends in Baringo County, Kenya.

Dr. Channer reflects on the recurring themes that have driven his work in peacebuilding in his time working with IofC.

Rainer Gude and Staphanie Buri

Tracie Mooneyham talked to Stephanie Buri and Rainer Gude, the new co-directors of IofC Switzerland, as they begin planning for the future of peacebuilding work in a new decade.


Laura Nathwani, veterinary surgeon and global traveler, reflects on how increase sustainability and global responsibility during the pandemic.

Annika Hartmann de Meuron

Annika Hartmann de Meuron, Managing Director of Ethical Leadership in Business, reflects on ethical leadership in the 21st century.

Steven Greisdorf

What’s the difference between ‘to-do’ and ‘to-be’? Steven Greisdorf reflects on the virtues of process and accountability for change.