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Invitation to the Foundations for Freedom Regional Conference 2014

Thursday, 13. November 2014


Foundations for Freedom Regional Conference 2014


11-14 December 2014  Kiev, Ukraine

What were our challenges of the last year? What will we take forward?

What inspires us to keep on doing our activities in the year ahead?

We  warmly invite you and your family to participate in the Regional Conference of Foundations for Freedom, which will take place on 11-14 December 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Twenty-one years ago Foundations for Freedom (F4F) started to look actively at the issues of what to do with freedom after the collapse of the Soviet Union and how to react to the changes happening in the region of Eastern and Central Europe.

Regional Meeting F4F, Ukraine, Kiev, December 2013 (Photo: Liubou Pranevich)Only one year ago in December 2013 many from the F4F network got together in Kyiv for the Regional Meeting, to look at the situation in Ukraine, share pains and joys and search for common understanding in dealing with the rapid changes in society. Even then we couldn't have imagined how fast and unpredictable those changes could be, how our environment would be transformed, and towards which challenges our recent experiences would bring us.

The outer divisions in the Ukrainian society have been caused by a series of actions, including the recently changed status of the Crimea, military activities in the Eastern part of Ukraine, a change of government in Kyiv, which led to the burning issues that society needs to deal with: internally displaced thousands of Ukrainians, broken family and friends' relationships, questions of identity and belonging, inner traumas and personal losses.

In a situation of acquired rich experience and the growth of civic engagement and social consciousness, our main issues for today are:our main thoughts today are:

-   What did we gain 'freedom from'?

-   What are  our recent year’s  challenges  of 'freedom for'?

-   What are the 'foundations' for 'freedom' that lie behind social responsibility?

The present day situation in one of the biggest countries in Europe is our common issue. It influences our interpersonal relations as individuals and the relations between groups and communities in Ukraine, the neighbouring states in Europe and in the world. Our common wisdom is our common solution. We invite you to be a part of it.

The conference aims:

  • to be a good reason to get out of one's busy environment at the end of the year to be able to evaluate it from a distance;

  • to provide space where people from different F4F teams and networks can meet, share experiences and skills, reflect and search for deeper roots of freedom;

  • in the Open Space format to discuss what one feels is important and to plan together possible steps forward;

  • through dialogue to find common understanding of the current situations in processes going on in Eastern and Central Europe;

  • to offer half-day training sessions from Healing the Past, Ethical Leadership, Baranivka Community to allow participants to get a glimpse and experience the effect these projects produce;

  • to connect and to stimulate network development among volunteers and those interested in different projects;

  • to offer a few sessions on the basics of IofC history and philosophy for those who are from satellite networks and would like to know more about IofC/F4F;

  • to host a half-day General Assembly of F4F for reporting, Head of the Board and Board elections, etc. 

The programme would include:

-  demo sessions run by our trainers on dialogue skills, communication methods, discovering ethics and community living;

- creative art sessions (painting, crafting);

-  time for reflection and sharing;

-  discussions on different topics, future research and planning in Open Space format;

-  F4F General Assembly on Saturday, 13 December 2014 for anyone interested including reports, board elections and approval of future plans (voting only INGO F4F members).


  • members of the F4F/IofC and its satellite networks;

  • people from Baranivka community or those who have taken part in 'Healing the Past' dialogues;

  • people who have researched on ethical leadership or took part in F4F courses and seminars;

  • family members of those who meet the criteria above;

  • any of those interested in F4F / IofC activities in Eastern and Central Europe or who want to get involved. 

To apply, please, fill in application form by 18 November 2014. You will receive confirmation about your participation by 30 November (or earlier on request for those traveling from afar).

Date and place:

The Conference starts with supper at 19.00 on Thursday 11 December 2014 and finishes with breakfast on Sunday 14 December 2014. However, you can join in when you can, just let us know in advance. 

It will take place at Puzha Ozerna in the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine.  It is the same place where 'European Saiema' (IofC European gathering) was held in 2006. 

Participants would be staying in double rooms. Single rooms can be provided on request but with special conditions. More detailed information about the location and other practical details would be posted on the website before 5 December 2014 and sent additionally to those who are selected to take part. 

Organizers are covering accommodation during the conference for selected participants. Some travel costs might also be covered on request. Please state it in the application form. All participants are also encouraged to make a donation towards participation (suggested amount is 15 Euro). 

Organizing team:

Currently we are gathering a bigger team to run the Regional Conference. If you want to join the team, please, be in touch with by 18 November 2014. 

The Regional Conference is supported by Irene Prestwich Trust (UK).


With any questions or for further information, please, email us at or

Mobile phone in Ukraine: +380 508081159

Skype: angela_star

Viber: тел. +380508081159 Angela Starovoytova