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Council of Europe building

Council of Europe

IofC International participates in the Conference of INGOs (International Non-Government Organizations)

IofC at the Council of Europe

Since 2005, Initiatives of Change has held participatory status at the Council of Europe (CoE), which has 47 member states. The CoE was founded in 1949 in response to the horrors of the first part of the 20thcentury and focuses on human rights, democratic governance and the rule of law. IofC is a member of one of its three advisory bodies, the Conference of International NGOs.   

Soon after IofC joined the Conference of INGOs, our delegates were entrusted with a variety of special assignments. One ongoing task concerns human rights and business. Another involved participating in an international colloquium on ‘Digital society and cyber trust’. Thirdly, IofC is represented on the Executive Committee of the North-South Centre, a platform which organizes programmes and exchanges with Europe’s southern neighbours. 

Christoph SprengChristoph Spreng, Switzerland
IofC Delegate to the Council of Europe

Christoph represents IofC International at the Council of Europe since 2005. He is Vice-President of Conference of INGO’s and the coordinator of the INGO Dialogue Toolkit Hub (find more information here: http://www.dialoguetoolkit.net). In June 2017 he was appointed INGO Special Advisor for Human Rights and Business.