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IofC Germany - Castle Meeting 2014

Tuesday, 4. November 2014

Castle Meeting 2014: Building trust across invisible barriers!

This year's Castle Meeting, organised by IofC Germany, took place from 24 – 26 October 2014 at a manor in Thuringia/Germany. The theme of the weekend was 'Building Trust across invisible barriers!'

The participants were aged between 11- 65 years old and came from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. There wasn’t a separate programme for children but everybody participated together in all the meetings.

Trust is an issue that confronts us again and again in our lives and everyday life. Can I trust? Do I still want to rely on others?

We confronted this fascinating topic in various ways. The playful animations, sketches and endless creative possibilities with colours and shapes and a lot of imagination helped us to open up and have a fresh look towards this important issue.

Personal experiences can be characterized by both positive experiences, but also often by painful memories. Everybody was challenged in an unusual way to open up and share something of risk. Through this amazing and interesting compilation we practiced confiding in others. After moments of silence and reflection we had the opportunity to share openly and honestly.

IWe were able to come up with the following questions in the group activity:

  • Why do we need to confide? We have all experienced that trust can be abused and it is always difficult - if not impossible - to simply trust again.
  • How to get around the barriers within us and around us which keeps us from relying?
  • Where do they come from and how do they form? If the barriers are invisible, then yes, I cannot recognize them or even find them!
  • Do I need to remind myself about overcoming the barriers? And is it of any use?

Through professional methods, techniques were shown how to analyse situations or events that you experience in order to recognize and understand personal and diverse needs for trust. Only then people can discover their own uniqueness, gain more self-confidence and walk the path of harmonious life.

Frank Buchman once said: 'The problems around the table are greater than the problems on the table.'

Over the weekend we had good discussion sessions, enjoyed our time together and were able to deepen old relationships and establish new ones. We laid concrete foundations of confidence by practicing to confide in others. Moments of silence and reflection gave the necessary space to heighten innovative impulses, which we carried back home.

Report: Ulrike Keller

Translation: Prachi Telang