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Global Assembly 2015


To act effectively on global issues, IofC depends upon an elected and representative leadership


The building blocks of IofC’s vision and action are thousands of individuals around the world who live out its mission and message. In many different ways they work together in local and regional teams, national and international programmes, through conferences and a variety of initiatives. The principle of ‘subsidiarity’ is respected – where most decisions are taken, at the appropriate level, by those directly involved in these initiatives, teams or programmes.

But to act effectively on global issues, the movement of Initiatives of Change depends upon an elected and representative leadership team, to discern and articulate a common vision, define priorities, and to form strategic partnerships around those situations and people where Initiatives of Change can best make its contribution.


Initiatives of Change International is governed by an annual Global Assembly and an International Council. The Global Assembly, constituted of the Members, is the supreme authority and is presided over by the President. At least one General Assembly must be held each year.  The International Council is composed of nine to eleven members elected by the Global Assembly. An Executive Team of four, including the Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Director, has responsibility for day-to-day leadership and management. Other members of the Council may be responsible for particular portfolios and be supported by standing committees made up of people outside the Council.