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Leading with Integrity

'Leading with integrity'

Thursday, 6. June 2019


Leading with Integrity cover

Michael Smith, former Head of Business Programmes at Initiatives of Change, UK, has a new book titled 'Leading with integrity' due out on 8 July 2019. The book, to be published by Routledge, includes some 60 plus stories of best practices in business and economy; true examples of ethical leadership that are sure to inspire others. The collection of stories span the world, just as Initiatives of Change does, and includes extensive coverage of Caux and Asia Plateau – two of our global centres for changemakers.

'I wrote the book so show that human motivations play a key role in the direction of organizations and the way the world goes,' says Mike. 'People in leadership are either motivated by greed and acquisition or by contribution to society in the interests of all stakeholders. The choice is between materialistic or ethical and, indeed, spiritual values. The way we do things is as important as what we do. The concluding chapter, on Time for Self-Reflection, encourages readers to take time out to be inspired by the inner voice of conscience, at the personal level and in the workplace environment.'

Mike SmithMichael is a freelance journalist and his articles have appeared in the Financial Times, the Guardian and Guardian Weekly, The Times, the Independent, the Scotsman, the Herald (Glasgow) and the Pioneer (New Delhi). You can learn more about Michael’s book and reserve your copy here!