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Living History - Across Generations

Saturday, 18. December 2021 - 12:00 to 14:00


Living History – Across Generations is based off of the Human Library concept created by two brothers in Copenhagen, and aims to connects people with the unique life stories and 'lessons learned' of those in our network. During these 60 minute events, you'll have the opportunity to engage with changemakers from across the globe and gain practical knowledge that can be applied to your own journey as an advocate for change.


Caux Palace photo by Adrien Giovannelli

'Behind the scenes - A Tour of the Caux Palace'

Saturday, 18 December 2021 - 12:00 to 14:00 UTC


Only a fraction of the impact felt at the Caux Palace and Seminar Centre in Caux, Switzerland, happened directly from the stage. As with most conference and productions, it was the work of countless individuals ‘backstage’, who not only made the events taking place possible, but sometimes the made the overall experience of Caux Palace more memorable.

As we reach the end of the 75 Years of Encounters in Caux, join us special 'Tour of Caux' and hear some of the inspiring and funny moments that happened behind the scenes. We’ll be sharing stories from the different departments of Caux Palace and Seminar Centre which have left powerful impressions on those who have visited.

Andrew Stallybrass, who has been delivering historic tours of the Centre for years, has kindly offered to help guide us through the back offices and give participants a unique experience of our international gathering place for changemakers.


Andrew Stallybrass

Andrew Stallybrass

Andrew was born in Liverpool in 1948. Both of his parents were involved in Moral Re-Armament (MRA). Since 1967, Andrew worked ‘full time’ with MRA, to begin with, in some of the travelling shows, Pitié pour Clémentine and Anything to Declare. For fifty years, he was part of the team carrying and planning the international conferences for Initiatives of Change (Moral Re-Armament) in Caux, Switzerland, for most of that time working with public relations for the Caux centre. He also worked on the production of conference reports and programmes, as well as writing weekly newsletters from Caux during the summer conferences.

In 1980, he married Eliane Maillefer, from the Canton of Vaud. They have no children.  From 1984 to 2014, they lived in Geneva, and Andrew now has dual nationality, British-Swiss. In 2014, they moved to live in Caux, in the Chalet de la Patinoire. Andrew was for many years Managing Director of Caux Books, the small international publishing house linked with Initiatives of Change. He is also an independent writer and journalist. He has been a lay preacher in the Geneva Reformed Church, and now the local Vaud Reformed Church parish. In Geneva, he was long active in the Geneva Inter-Faith Platform, serving as secretary and vice-president. He holds a post-graduate certificate of specialisation in theology from the University of Geneva.


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