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Natalia Holosova leads the workshop on historical memory for the Lviv teachers of history

Lviv teachers learn new techniques for history lessons and extra-curricula activities

Lviv, Ukraine, 2015

Sunday, 1. November 2015

Lviv teachers learn new techniques for history lessons and extra-curricula activities

New development of the topic of historical memory within Ukrainian action: Healing the Past programme took place in October 26-27, 2015 in Lviv. 

This time methods of working with life stories, oral memory, and dialogue were presented for history teachers of Lviv schools. Natalia Holosova, a participant of the training on methods of working with memory just a month before, came as the main initiator and partner in this workshop.

Група учасників семінару для вчителів історії

Participants of the workshop for history teachers

Thirteen history teachers of varying ages and work experience discussed, learnt, and practiced together. Exercises for listening and self-improvement turned out to be quite challenging. Special attention was paid to the skill of using the techniques at school in time-constrained circumstances. The issue of interaction and mutual understanding of teachers of different ages and teaching experience was also discussed.

Workshop participants demonstrated commitment to ongoing learning and self development.

Наталя Голосова представляє методику роботи зі світлинами пам’ятників

Natalia Holosova presenting the technique of working with monuments

We would like to express our gratitude to the employees of the Lviv Research and Methodology Centre, who suggested t sharing this experience with teachers.

Anzhela Starovoytova, expert of the Foundations for Freedom INGO

Translation by Halyna Stasevych

* * *

October 26-27, 2015, experts of the Nova Doba NGO and Foundations for Freedom INGO co-hosted the educational workshop named “Historical memory as part of multicultural education”.

Educational workshop was held within the ‘Future needs memories: Ukrainian dialogue on history and memories’ project implemented by Foundations of Freedom INGO / The Ukraine Action: Healing the Past programmeOWEN e.V. Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peacebuilding, and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Germany).

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