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January 10-14, 2014

Making Democracy Real dialogue, India

January 10-14, 2014

Friday, 10. January 2014 (All day) to Tuesday, 14. January 2014 (All day)

Making Democracy Real

Learning from democracy's journey - a dialogue

After oppression, struggle.
After struggle, victory. 
After victory, disappointment or even disillusionment.

In recent years, too many countries have experienced this sequence of toil, thrill, and tears. What went wrong? Can we get it right? Are there common lessons?
Other questions also jump out at us.

  • If a struggle for democracy brings opponents together, why does triumph so often bring disintegration?
  • Is it possible to keep competing egos out of debates on competing agendas, and enable bitterly divided groups to dialogue? 
  • What will prevent the battle-scarred from becoming scandal-tainted?
  • How can street movements mature into systems whereby citizens help ensure just and effective governance?
  • What can we learn from one another about protecting and lifting the weak and vulnerable?
  • How can our governing institutions be supplied with integrity in leadership, transparency, and accountability, the absence of which provoked the cries for change in the first place?

Making Democracy Real conference, IndiaThese and related questions will be the focus of the third conference on
Making Democracy Real (MDR), 10 to 14 January 2014, at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, in the hills of western India.

You are invited to join other participants in struggle, or victims of disappointment, or students of journeys at this conference, who will come from a range of nations.
Your participation may help this dialogue and reflection to identify NEXT STEPS ON DEMOCRACY’S JOURNEY.

The struggles for democracy of 2011 led Initiatives of Change (IofC) to host the first Making Democracy Real dialogue in January 2012 at Asia Plateau, Panchgani and a second one in February 2012. The two dialogues drew people from young as well as established democracies. Instructive experiences and insights were shared.

Current happenings in the world underline the need for continuing the process of dialogue and reflection and to trigger, if possible, new strategies and a new determination to act.

Making Democracy Real conference, IndiaStudents of democracy, scholars of popular movements, a variety of civil society activists, experienced former and serving administrators, and leaders from across the globe will participate in MDR 3, as well as young persons and ordinary citizens who have been at the heart of struggles on behalf of the rights of the weak and against corruption and discrimination.

At the morning plenaries, experiences and insights will be related by scholars and activists. The rest of the day will feature interactive proceedings, workshops and opportunities for reflection, enabling all attendees to take part.

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