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Media Coverage
06 November, 2016
 Leone Exton Beale’s hotel background stood her in good stead as the Westminster’s catering director

An obituary of Leone Exton Beale, who was the restaurant and catering director of the Westminster Theatre in London, has appeared in the online edition of The Guardian, It is written by her nephew Jon Exton. Leone, who died aged 94, came from a hotelier family in Bournemouth and was associated all her life with MRA/Initiatives of Change.

19 May, 2016
Nagaland Event May 2016

The Eastern Mirror, a leading English daily newspaper in Nagaland, published by the Nagaland Free Press Society, reported the workshop, ‘Inner Change and Better Public Service’, facilitated by Initiatives of Change India.

11 May, 2016
Keith Neal

Over the last three years, Keith Neal, a long-standing volunteer with IofC, has been supporting the charity SolarAid in its bid to eliminate the kerosene lamp from Africa by the year 2020. Keith has been working closely with Joseph Karanja, a member of IofC Kenya, who has pioneered the use of portable solar lights as peace-building tools. Keith first heard about SolarAid through a BBC Radio 4 Appeal. He was invited by the charity to write a blog about his response to the Appeal.

19 April, 2016
Mountain House

'24 heures', a Swiss local paper, has written about the 70th anniversary celebrations of Caux, the Initiatives of Change international conference centre in Switzerland. The anniversary celebrations have kicked off with a photo exhibition that reveals some extraordinary stories.

29 February, 2016

In the latest issue, Resolis reported on the event supporting reducing the school dropout rate involving Education à la Paix (Education for Peace), a programme run by IofC France.

23 February, 2016
Hugh Williams

The Independent, UK, has carried a substantial obituary of the playwright Hugh Steadman Williams on its website. He died on New Year's Eve aged 80, having suffered from pulmonary fibrosis. The obituary includes an introductory evaluation of his role in East Africa, written by Daisy Fletcher who is on the paper's Conservation and Africa desk.

08 December, 2015
Joseph Karanja (R) Presenting Solar Lamps at the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security, 2015

Joseph Karanja, who is using the solar light as a symbol of hope, has had a guest blog published on the SolarAid website, which describes Joseph as 'a solar superstar. He's using SunnyMoney solar lights as a symbol of peace between communities in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya.'

12 October, 2015
James McLaughry

The Independent published an obituary, written by Michael Henderson, of the American bomber pilot James McLaughry, who flew 21 Second World War combat missions from an 8th Air Force base in East Anglia. He found his 22nd mission, he said, in a postwar commitment to the Moral Re-Armament (MRA) movement (later known as Initiatives of Change).