Miners' Stories

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Miners' Stories

Documentary based on the stories told in the families of Ukrainian miners in 2016

Thursday, 10. November 2016

The documentary Miners' Stories (2016)

The documentary Miners' Stories is based on the real-life events of miners from Lviv and Donetsk areas, recorded by a group of volunteers in the summer 2016, as a part of the Miners stories from Eastern and Western Ukraine project.

Victor and Oleksandr live in the mining towns of two geographically remote regions of Ukraine. While their lives and the lives of their relatives revolve around mines, there is another side. Who they really are? What makes them go underground every day?

Through memories and glimpses into the daily life of mining towns we take a closer look at our main characters, understand how similar and different they are, how the crisis of the mining industry and events in eastern Ukraine are impacting their lives.

Film director: Piotr Armianovski
Line producer: Maria Voronchuk
Runtime: 43 min
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian
Subtitles: Ukrainian/Russian, English
Production year: 2016


Miners' Stories is an attempt to look at the ordinary lives of miners. Not just examining the grueling work in the mine, but also discovering their family relationships, family values, traditions and everyday life after retirement.

Miners' Stories is recommended for use in preparing for and conducting community dialogues, particularly within the monoindustrial communities of Ukraine.

The Miners stories from Eastern and Western Ukraine project is implemented by the Foundations for Freedom, INGO together with the NGO "Our Future" within the Ukrainian in Action: Healing the Past programme in partnership with the Independent Trade Union of Ukrainian Miners (NPGU) with the financial support from the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Irene Prestwich Trust (UK).

Translated by Marichka Poliuliuk


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