A New Model for Governance (NMG)

A worldwide resource for ethical leadership training and good governance

A New Model for Governance: India


To be a worldwide resource for ethical leadership training and good governance.


It is well recognized that corruption is one the main problems contributing to poverty and also to conflict around the world. Corruption is not limited to third world dictatorships but also a factor in established democracies, in business and was a contributing factor in the Global Financial Crisis.

Behind these issues of corruption is a crisis of governance and a need for ethical leaders. Effective systems, policies and procedures play an important part in ensuring good decision making. But systems alone are not enough. There is also a need for inner development of decision-makers to raise awareness of the ethical dimension of leadership.


Described by a leading Indian newspaper as ‘a beacon of hope’, Asia Plateau is a 68-acre campus in Panchgani, overlooking the Krishna Valley in the western hills of India. Since its opening in 1968, it has been running programmes and conferences focusing on character development and ethical leadership for students, people in industry, the armed forces, non-governmental organizations and civil servants.

In partnership with the IC Centre for Governance in Delhi, regular programmes are run for the elite IAS officers, which has led to requests to roll out training programmes for thousands of employees of major government departments.

In 2012 the first international Dialogue on Democracy took place at Asia Plateau. It opened with a video message from Aung San Suu Kyi. Participants included 20 South Sudanese political and civic leaders led by Vice-President Riek Machar, Malaysia's Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and his wife, a large delegation from Egypt including revolutionary leaders, and eminent Indians from many walks of life.  A second Dialogue took place 1-5 February 2013.