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Participants engaging in inner healing activities during the Creators or Peace workshops in Johannesburg.

Introducing South Africa's trustbuilding project, which aims to create clusters of united and cohesive families to act as catalysts for rebuilding trust and broken structures in society.


Take a look at the wealth of opportunities that the Caux Forum is offering this year and register today!


Bold innovation plays a vital role in developing sustainable businesses – but do you know how to mitigate the risks through trust?

At Puja Sha's House

Team members of the Trustbuilding Program in Nepal have gone through a process of personal change during their outreach tour through the country, experiencing the Madhesi culture firsthand.

Nicolas and Elizabeth Soubelet

Today’s entrepreneurs are keen to keep a focus on sustainability and social responsibility across all aspects of the business model.


An important message from the International Council about the attention needed to resolving this conflict.