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Leading through example - Suresh Vazirani

President Suresh Vazirani spoke recently on building trust in times of crisis in our recent virtual conversation series.

Mike Smith

It highlights his books and publications, a selection of his articles published in national newspapers, video clips and the 56 obituaries he has written for national newspapers, mostly about the pioneers of Initiatives of Change.


Here are nine important things to keep in mind as you consider being involved in the Trustbuilding Program.


Kate Monkhouse shares an update on how Creators of Peace is accompanying women worldwide as the coronavirus pandemic take its social and economic toll on women’s wellbeing and peace-making.


History shapes how we look at the world today. What is the context in which our trustbuilding projects are actively trying to shape the world of tomorrow?

Photo by Filip Filkovic Philatz on Unsplash

Trustbuilding Program Officer Manon reflects on how the COVID-19 crisis is influencing trust.