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How will the team build trust and relationships between non-Indigenous Australians and First Nations peoples?

Screenshot from the last presentation session of the History begins in the Family: Dialogue of Generations project 2020

International project "History begins in the family: Dialogue of generations" was successfully implemented for the third time. Around 30 young people from Poland, Germany, and Ukraine took part in the exchange learning program, then under the guidance of mentors conducted studies of their family stories, and discussed them in the form of dialogue.


For International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 we interviewed council members to get their thoughts on gender bias and equality.


In a recent seminar hosted by IofC Business & Economy, three speakers provided critical insight into the evolving landscape of environmental responsibility in business - both past and present.

*Illustration by Manon Michelle Monhemius

Trust. It seems straight forward, but there are many views on the topic and its implementation. A selection of inspiring talks.


The recent dialogue focused on ways business leaders can be both profitable and sustainable; the first in a series of six upcoming discussions.