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Foundations for Freedom Annual Regional Meeting in Moldova

Saturday, 26. February 2011 (All day) to Sunday, 27. February 2011 (All day)

The next annual Foundations for Freedom (F4F) Regional Meeting will be held in Moldova, Chisinau, February 26-27 2011.

This year we celebrate 20 years since our countries stood up for their independence. A lot of issues that we were faced with after the fall of the communist regime have been resolved; some are constantly re-emerging and need continuous action. Besides, our societies are facing a number of new challenges and we feel that ideas that underlie our work are still very relevant and needed in our communities across the Eastern European region.

F4F Regional Meetings have always served as a great space to meet each other, find out about initiatives happening in different corners of the F4F Network and learn together. In recent years these meetings have became irregular and many people have been feeling the lack of unity and the somewhat disintegration of F4F work in Eastern Europe. We wish to rejuvenate the cooperation and sense of common purpose, which was always a distinctive feature of our network.

The next annual F4F Regional Meeting will be held in Moldova, Chisinau on February 26-27 2011.

The coming meeting will aim at several goals:

·  To create a space where people from different teams across the Eastern European region can meet each other.

·  To have an opportunity to exchange the ideas and aspirations on the activities that we run on a local level.

·  To search together for how our work is relevant to the needs that we face in our communities and the Eastern European region on a whole.

·  To explore the possibilities to work together with a united spirit and with common vision.

·  To offer some training sessions on concepts of change, calling and vision run by Action for Life 5 outreach team.

More information about the Regional Meeting and technical details are available for download.