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Forgiveness and Repentance, Keys to Nation-Building

Saturday, 15. November 2003

Atlanta conference, 'A Campaign for Forgiveness Research', hears practical evidence from Michael Henderson of how costly forgiveness brings new hope into crisis situations.

1007Michael Henderson joined some forty scientists in making presentations at two conferences on forgiveness in Atlanta in October. His paper was on “Forgiveness and repentance, keys to nation-building”. He said, “New nations, born in turmoil, will need large doses of repentance and forgiveness if they are to prosper. For nations as well as individuals the key to getting along is for all of us to accept that we have hurt the other, whether by intention or not. The UN Security Council has unanimously approved post-war rebuilding plans for Iraq. But distrust levels are at historic proportions. As in post-war Europe, rebuilding will take time and money. It will also require large doses of forgiveness, helped along by the courage with which our leaders admit our shortcomings.”

Henderson presented a copy of his book “Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate” to Martin Luther King 111, who was a keynote speaker. The conference was featured in “USA Today”.

The English author also spoke to the Atlanta branch of the English-Speaking Union and did a book signing at Barnes and Noble.