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Opening of the International Caux Conferences 2009

Thursday, 9. July 2009

Rajmohan Gandhi at the opening of the Caux Conferences 2009

The opening event of the conference 'Learning to Live in Multicultural World' (9-15 July) included speeches by Cornelio Sommaruga, Honorary President of Initiatives of Change International and Rajmohan Gandhi, President of Initiatives of Change International. These speeches are available as a podcast, to listen to online or download. The text of Rajmohan Gandhi's talk is also available in PDF format

At the same time, the parallel conference 'Leading Change for a Sustainable World' was opened.

In the next weeks of the conferences, we will keep you updated about the conferences on different channels. Read the news, read and contribute to the blog, have a look at the photo galleries, listen to the podcasts, follow us on Twitter and join the CAUX-IofC Group on Facebook.

Further information about the Caux Conferences 2009 is available here: