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Call for participants for the Dialogue Seminar

Friday, 4. May 2012

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“Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past” project team runs a Dialogue Seminar for the Foundations for Freedom Teams that will take place on 17-20 May 2012 in Lviv region, Ukraine.

We are going to spend a few days in the safe space, inviting our past to come to the present through our memories, thoughts, views, personal stories, and life experiences. We will be ready to grieve and cry, as well as to rejoice, shine with life, be brave to face the future, ready to be honest and sincere with ourselves and the others, so that our past can now or some time later release us for peace, joy, and love.

Participants: The event concerns first of all the Eastern European participants.

Languages: The main working language will be English, with the backup help on translation from Russian and Ukrainian.
Moderators: Diana Damsa (Romania), Lena Kashkariova (Ukraine).

Application process:

Applicants would get the confirmation about their participation by 8 May 2012 via email.

Accommodation and meals will be fully covered by organisers. Also, non-Ukrainian Eastern European participants' travel expenses might be partially reimbursed by request. Please keep your tickets for reimbursement.

Exclusive requirement is a full participation in all the events of the dialogue and keeping the rules adopted by all the participants.

The Dialogue is grounded on core principles:

  • to treat everyone with equal respect, honesty and integrity;
  • to seek what is right rather than who is right;
  • to face the history inevitably involves facing oneself;
  • to shape the future involves taking responsibility for the past.

The first dialogue in the frames of the “Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past” project was moderated for Foundations for Freedom team members from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Romania by Bhavesh Patel, UK in September, 2011. It was a successful experience and we decided to organise the series of similar public dialogues in different regions of Ukraine on a regular basis as a part of the project.

Contacts of the team of organisers:
Olesia Dziuma (in Lviv), tel: +380 98 326 2461
Oleksa Stasevych (in Kyiv), tel: +380 67 622 7218