The World at the Turning

The World at the Turning by Charles Piguet and Michel Sentis“This book is written for everyone who is looking to the future. It holds out a hand to people of every belief who are ready to offer hope to mankind. We have learnt, in thirty years of working with Buddhists, Hindus, North American Indians, Africans of all beliefs, militant Communists, young revolutionaries, powerful capitalists, peasants, politicians, trade union leaders, that hope is not confined to any one temple. Modern communications have made the world into one large community. They require us to come out of our religious ghettos and find the vocabulary, the attitudes, the behaviour which will allow all people to unite in a common spiritual battle. God has given us this world. It is up to us to be responsible for it,” Charles Piguet and Michel Sentis.

Year of publication1989
Shipping classpaperback/video
PublisherGrosvenor Books
Number of pages116