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Все новости

23 September, 2004

An educational institution in Gujarat is offering scholarships to young Kashmiris, in a bid to promote reconciliation.

22 September, 2004

Rrepresentatives of different faiths took part in an occasion to mark this UN-sponsored initiative.

20 September, 2004

Subtitled 'Christian encounters with Buddhism', this film was recently broadcast on national television in Australia.

10 September, 2004

Community dialogues between Muslims and Christians in Sydney, Australia, are continuing on a regular basis.

18 August, 2004

Mrs Sadako Ogata, the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees this evening gave the final Caux Lecture of the summer conferences.

17 August, 2004

230 young people took part in the recent 11th Asia Pacific Youth Conference in the shadow of Cambodia's famous Angkor Wat temple.

15 August, 2004

Avraham Burg of the Geneva Initiative
Four of the initiators of the Geneva Initiative, a civil society effort to produce a peace agreement for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, spoke together today in a round table attended by over 500 participants from many countries and every continent.

14 August, 2004

Imam Mohammed Nurayn Ashafa and Pastor James Movel Wuye from Kaduna, Nigeria
Two Nigerians spoke side by side of their work to reconcile Muslim and Christian in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria – after having both taken part in inter-religious violence themselves.

10 August, 2004

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples was marked in Caux, Switzerland, yesterday by a Canadian "First Nations" traditional blessing and cleansing with smoke and a presentation of the contribution that traditional cultures can make to the globalized world.

06 August, 2004

A South African woman who lost her only daughter, Lyndi, in an attack on a Cape Town restaurant in 1993 and a black freedom fighter who ordered the attack spoke together today of the stepping stones of healing and reconciliation that had brought them together.