Все новости

Все новости

04 November, 2004

A further significant step in seeking to heal the legacy of the Atlantic Slave Trade, in which Liverpool played a major part, took place at the end of October.

02 November, 2004

'As I am, so is my nation' was the theme of an Initiatives of Change conference in Samoa, opened by the Prime Minister

31 October, 2004

The Clean Africa Campaign held its second Leadership Training Programme in South Africa

27 October, 2004

IofC-International President, Cornelio Sommaruga, moderated a 'High Level Encounter' between the World Council of Churches, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

24 October, 2004

The Royal Solomon Island Police have held a character-training workshop

23 October, 2004

Initiatives of Change joins 200 other groups and over 50,000 people at the European Social Forum in London

19 October, 2004

An effort to offer a hand of friendship to "the most marginalized of all" asylum seekers – those in detention – was the focus for the first in a new series of Greencoat Forums

08 October, 2004

Lawrence Wofford, a Hope in the Cities representative in Alabama, led a group of 14 year-old African Americans through a Summer Leadership Institute which culminated in a three-day journey to civil rights memorials.

07 October, 2004

A Hope in the Cities facilitation team leads a workshop in Caux and shows that honest conversation is often hard, but difficulties faced honestly can lead to important insights.

07 October, 2004

“People make choices based on what they think is possible. Have we been too cautious?"