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Early morning sky, Newbury Berkshire
01 October, 2004

Five people write what forgiveness has meant in their lives.

01 October, 2004

Prabhat Kumar, Director, Centre for Governance, India

‘There is a palpable crisis of governance in many developing countries,’ said Prabhat Kumar, the Director of an independent Centre for Governance in India and former Governor of Jharkand State

01 October, 2004

José Carlos León Vargas from Mexico describes his first experience of Caux, as one of the interns who ensured the smooth running of the conference centre.

01 October, 2004

Peace is more than the absence of war, discovers Caz Hore-Ruthven.

01 October, 2004

A brief report on the experience of the 20 students who participated in the 2004 Caux Scholars Program

30 September, 2004

Michael Henderson, author of Forgiveness, Breaking the Chain of Hate, was guest speaker at the Nottingham Inter Faith Council’s Annual General Meeting

27 September, 2004

On September 27th, Rajmohan Gandhi received the Champaign-Urbana International Humanitarian Award at the Krannert Center in Urbana, IL. In his acceptance speech, he spoke of his journey to reconciliation.

23 September, 2004

An educational institution in Gujarat is offering scholarships to young Kashmiris, in a bid to promote reconciliation.

22 September, 2004

Rrepresentatives of different faiths took part in an occasion to mark this UN-sponsored initiative.

20 September, 2004

Subtitled 'Christian encounters with Buddhism', this film was recently broadcast on national television in Australia.