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Все новости

01 August, 2004

Paul Williams tells the story of an Indian dentist who saw his surgery razed to the ground.

20 July, 2004

Dr Christie Peacock, Chief Executive Officer of the UK charity Farm Africa, and a world authority on agriculture, deplored the lack of governmental and international investment in Africa, "the most rural continent in the world," where 80 percent of the population rely on farming for their livelihoods. Investment had declined "in a scandalous manner" by two-thirds in the last 10 years, she said. Direct food aid to Eritrea, for instance, was 40 times the aid to agricultural development.

18 July, 2004

Lech Walesa, former President of Poland, speaking at Caux

Lech Walesa, Polish President from 1990 to 1995, Nobel Peace laureate, and one of the founders of the Solidarity trade union movement in Poland that hastened the downfall of the communist regime, spoke last night to the 32nd annual Caux Conference for Business and Industry on the theme of “Globalization: Closing the Gaps”. "We are living through a change of era," he said, "moving out of a world of blocs, of systems and nations, into a globalized world of information, intellect and technology and moving to larger structures than the state."

15 July, 2004

A third Young Politicians Forum was held July 8-14, 2004, in Caux, Switzerland, in the framework of conference "Service, Responsibility, Leadership: enabling individuals and communities."

11 July, 2004

The Official day at the start of this summer’s Caux conferences was marked yesterday by the handing-over by Cornelio Sommaruga as President of the Swiss Foundation Caux – Initiatives of Change to his successor, Ambassador Bernard de Riedmatten.

28 June, 2004

300 islanders, including 30 of this conflict-torn nation's 50 MPs, lay plans to tackle corruption and promote reconciliation.

18 June, 2004

Open Homes, Listening Hearts 2004: Bridging divisions with hospitality and storytelling

15 June, 2004

The Centre for Ethical Leadership, inaugurated in Bangalore, India, last week is the second project launched by the Asia/Pacific/Australia Group of the Caux Initiative for Business

07 June, 2004

Muslims and Christians sharing common values and living together in friendship' was the theme of a public meeting in Sydney, Australia.

04 June, 2004

Twelve of the 'Action for Life' team have had a full programme in Jakarta.