Все новости

Все новости

15 November, 2003

Atlanta conference, 'A Campaign for Forgiveness Research', hears practical evidence from Michael Henderson of how costly forgiveness brings new hope into crisis situations.

10 November, 2003

Villagers tell how their lives and communities have been transformed as a result of local IofC initiatives.

20 October, 2003

Lifestyle as well as poverty affect the spread of HIV/AIDS, says Dr Yaw Adu-Sarkodie from Ghana, a consultant for the World Health Organisation.

13 October, 2003

Indonesian university students and lecturers have just hosted a group from Australia and Japan, whom they invited to speak about the work of Initiatives of Change.

01 October, 2003

'KiaOra' says Ti Rangi Huata from Kiwiland

08 September, 2003

Over 20,000 students in 53 Fijian high schools have now participated in sessions conducted by “Foundations of a Better Fiji”.

19 August, 2003

Extracts from a speech by Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, a prominent Indian writer, at the recent Kashmir Peace Conference in Washington DC, have been published in Pakistan's leading daily.

15 July, 2003

Reports of the international conferences which were held in Caux, Switzerland, during July and August are available on the Caux website

06 July, 2003

One hundred from the region join the 270 conference participants for an offical open day.

28 June, 2003

900 attended the opening of an All-Africa conference in Ghana on this theme.