Все новости

Все новости

03 June, 2004

Senior government officials, religious leaders and others met in Morocco to seek how to 'Restore Trust and Understanding between the Muslim, Christian and Judaic Worlds'.

18 May, 2004

'Creating Community' was the theme of a one-day event at Initiatives of Change's London Centre.

18 May, 2004

An informal seminar on corruption, and a seven-day course for young leaders, took place in Romania as part of the Foundations for Freedom program.

13 May, 2004

Eighteen years after the Chernobyl disaster, millions of people are still suffering from its aftermath, a Belarusian scientist told a Greencoat Forum at the IofC centre in London in May.

10 May, 2004

In April, twenty-seven community leaders successfully completed the five intensive training modules, concluding the first year of the Connecting Communities Fellowship Program

10 May, 2004

Following a seminar at the IofC center in Switzerland, seven from the Inter-religious Council of the Netherlands were invited to Sweden in April.

26 April, 2004

Beirut hosted the annual meeting of Initiatives of Change representatives from around the globe.

23 April, 2004

The International Farmers Dialogue is seeking new approaches to global farming problems.

05 April, 2004

Peter Thwaites remembers one of the most influential Church leaders of the late 20 Century, who died in March.

01 April, 2004

Michael Henderson, author of 'Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate' and other books on the power of forgiveness in international and personal life, has been much in demand during March.