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Все новости

15 May, 2003

Four activists from Hope in the Cities (HiC), a coalition aiming to improve community relations, presented the concept of ‘honest conversation’ dialogues, developed by HiC, at a Greencoat Forum held in London recently.

30 April, 2003

'Together we can make a world of difference' - 350 from all continents converge on Sydney.

28 April, 2003

'The challenge of principled leadership' was the theme of an address by Archie Mackenzie at a UN luncheon for African diplomats.

24 April, 2003

'Globalizing Responsibility for Human Security' was the title of this key note address at the opening of the Sydney conference.

18 April, 2003

Against the background of war in Iraq, media professionals from 26 countries meet in Cape Town.

09 April, 2003

The aim of righting historic wrongs in Jamaica, led Roddy Edwards to work with others from the community in founding the Walkerswood Food company as a partnership venture.

05 April, 2003

Seventeen Burundese personalities participated in this meeting, one of a series of round tables dedicated to peace and reconciliation in the African Great Lakes Region.

03 April, 2003

was distraught when told that that his daughter, Masha, had a brain or spinal trauma and may never walk again. His thoughts went from suing the doctor to getting on with having a second baby but his overwhelming feeling was not to trust anyone.

25 March, 2003

'How to best assist America to play the global leadership role that has been thrust upon it as the world's only superpower' - a dialogue between Rajmohan Gandhi and Pakistan's Ambassador to the US.

18 March, 2003

Human relationships are as important as technical skills, says development agriculturist Paul Craig.