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Все новости

10 January, 2004

An Aboriginal boy at an institution in Alice Springs - a photograph on the 'Stolen Generation' memorial

Every nation finds it hard to face the ugly side of its past. Last month the Australian Parliament approved a memorial to a tragic part of Australian history.

23 December, 2003

The 40-strong team has visited schools, universities and colleges, business and industry, in these two large Indian cities.

01 December, 2003

Two major events in Richmond, USA, mark the tenth anniversary of the 'Hope in the Cities' program for urban renewal.

30 November, 2003

Japanese prison camp survivor, Les Dennison, joined Japanese officials at official peace events in Coventry, UK.

24 November, 2003

The need for leaders of 'moral integrity' fuels new program for nurturing fresh leadership in Africa.

21 November, 2003

Rajmohan Gandhi prays for a Palestinian in the mold of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to use principles of nonviolence to bring peace to the Middle East.

20 November, 2003

Seven graduates of Learn to Lead (L2L), a Sheffield-based student leadership development programme, spoke at a 'Greencoat Forum' in London 18 November, describing what effect L2L had had on their lives.

15 November, 2003

Atlanta conference, 'A Campaign for Forgiveness Research', hears practical evidence from Michael Henderson of how costly forgiveness brings new hope into crisis situations.

10 November, 2003

Villagers tell how their lives and communities have been transformed as a result of local IofC initiatives.

20 October, 2003

Lifestyle as well as poverty affect the spread of HIV/AIDS, says Dr Yaw Adu-Sarkodie from Ghana, a consultant for the World Health Organisation.