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Open call for the participation in the History begins in the family project (update)

Deadine: 15 May (Ukr.), 11 June (Ger.), 16 June (Pol.)

Sunday, 31. December 2017 - 23:45

Open call for the participation in the History begins in the family youth international project (2017-2018)

The family and family relations play a crucial role in our lives.
Families unite different generations and share various stories and memories.

Foundations for Freedom INGO, the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz and Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation/Bergen-Belsen Memorial are kindly inviting youth from Ukraine, Poland and Germany to apply to the youth international project "History begins in the family". Deadline: 15 May (Ukrainians), 11 June (Germans), 16 June (Poles).

The project consists of three one-week meetings in Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

During this project young people deal with the theme of family and history. The centre of attention is the memory of the time before, during and after the Second World War, in particular the mass crimes of the National Socialist regime. The topic of the family and history is intended to be viewed from two perspectives - families in the history, and stories about history and memory within the family.

During the encounters in Ukraine, Poland and Germany participants will visit memorial places in Lviv, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (former concentration and extermination camp), as well as Bergen-Belsen Memorial (former concentration camp and camp for prisoners of war). By dealing with different sources participants will get to know the destinies of families, which suffered from the Nazi extermination and occupation policy in Europe, as well as from the Soviet occupation.

During the encounters we will consider the topics about what and in which way the intergenerational dialogue regarding history and memory takes place in our families and how historical consciousness is formed. In Ukraine during a workshop on oral history the participants will master the techniques of running interviews. During the 2nd encounter in Poland they exchange information they got during the study of selected family stories and share their experiences. During the third encounter in Germany the participants will discuss own discoverings they have got during the participation in the project in the form of dialogue.

Through discovering different family stories we will see how separate generations in Poland, Germany and Ukraine remember about their past, which similarities and differences appear in each country and between the countries.

The project is cyclic and is based on joint meetings and studies of youth from Poland, Germany and Ukraine. It will also support the development of the democracy ideals at youth and communities, which they originate from, as well as support of promoting the fundamental values of human beings, development of the international cooperation and mutual understanding.

The project results are presented publicly in the form of the online exhibition of family stories gathered by participants at the project web-site

We are kindly inviting youth from Ukraine of the age 18-20 years old, who:

  • are interested in the topics of the history of the 2nd World War, as well as the topic of social and cultural memory about this events;
  • would like to undertake a study on the topic and/or to find out more about  the destinies/stories of their families before and during 2WW and in the after-war period; and are ready to speak about and explore memories and attitudes regarding these events within their families;
  • like to meet other people and would like to participate in a joint Polish-German-Ukrainian encounter, the effects of which will be documented and made available a wider audience.

Dates and places of encounters:

  • 3-9 July 2017 in Lviv, Ukraine
  • 5-11 November 2017 - Oswiecim, Poland
  • 18-24 March 2018 - Oldau, Germany

Project languages: English, Polish, German, Ukrainian.

Financial provision and requirements:

Within the project organisers help participant to obtain visas for the visits to Poland and Germany, cover transportation costs from Lviv to Oswiecim, Lviv to Oldau and back, accommodation in the places of encounters, as well as local transportation. The participants have to obtain the passport to travel abroad, to buy the insurance which will cover their stay abroad. Participants from Ukraine covers the travel costs from their places of living to Lviv and back. For Ukrainian participants the participation fee is 100 EUR according to the official NBU currency rate.

Conditions of the participation:

  • binding participation in all three parts of the project;
  • good knowledge of English (parts of the program will be run in national languages, or translated, some in English);
  • valid foreign passport; 
  • individual insurance.

If this project is interesting for you, please, apply online before 15 May 2017 р. The results of the selection will be known before 31 May 2017.

Additional information for the participants from Poland and Germany:

Oleksa Stasevych, project cooridnator in Ukraine
Tel: +380 67 622 7218, +380 50 309 7997

Facebook Google+ Youtube

The project is implemented by the Foundations for Freedom, INGO as a part of the Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past Programme in co-operation with the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz (Poland) and Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation/Bergen-Belsen Memorial (Germany).


In 2017-2017 the project is funded by German-Polish Youth Office, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Poland, Irene Prestwich Trust (UK) and Ukrainian-Polish Cooperation Foundation (PAUCI).


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