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“Our heritage and its modern implication: monuments and names of streets” dialogue seminar

Monday, 18. November 2013

Call for applications! The “Our heritage and its modern implication: monuments and names of streets” dialogue seminar in Ukraine

“The history not transformed gets transferred…”

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The “Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past” project team invites you to take part in the “Our heritage and its modern implication: monuments and names of streets” Dialogue Seminar, that will take place on 12-15 December 2013 in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Let us invite you to the honest conversation about our heritage represented by the symbols of different epochs: monuments, titles of towns and streets. How do they influence us, our families, what is their significance for our communities? Which symbols of the past have become the part of our common past, why others tend to evoke debates?

Let us be ready to respect the uniqueness of every dialogue participant, accept each one’s right for the memory and own perception of history. In the form of the dialogue, we shall try to extend the modern understanding of what is heritage, to realise its background, to understand a different point of view and its nature in order to transform potential hidden conflicts into the opportunity to build constructive interaction in days to come.

We are kindly inviting representatives of NGOs, scientists and students, journalists, enthusiasts and those who would like to apply the dialogue results in their own activities and/or the activities of their communities and organisations. We are also inviting representatives of other countries.

Moderators: Diana Damsa (Romania), Taras Hrytsiuk (Ukraine).
Dialogue languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Application process:

We are not receiving application forms any more. The selected participants will get confirmation of their participation by 5 December 2013 via email the latest.

Mandatory requirement is a full 4-day participation in all events of the dialogue and keeping to the rules of the dialogue adopted by all the participants, 18+ age.

Accommodation and meals will be fully covered by organizers. We are kindly asking to cover the transportation costs on your own.

The Dialogue is grounded on the following core principles:

  • Treating everyone with respect for the right to have their own oppinion.
  • Seeking what is right rather than who is right.
  • Facing the past by facing other people’s life stories.
  • Shaping the future involves taking responsibility for the past.

The dialogue seminar is a part of the “Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past”project launched in 2010 by the team of fellow-thinkers of Foundations for Freedom, INGO with the support of the Kerk-in-Actie ICCO Programme (the Netherlands) and Irene Prestwich Trust (UK).

Contacts of the team of organisers:
Oleksa Stasevych, tel: +380 50 309 7997 and +380 67 622 7218
E-Mail: ukrainian.action at |

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