Construindo Confiança - Países

The Trustbuilding Program will begin this year with projects in Canada, Kenya, and France. The cultural assumptions and social needs in each country and community will differ, therefor the program will be flexible, and the core essentials will be adapted with the help of partners on the ground. Still, each project will contain the IofC hallmarks of quiet time, the four standards, honest conversation and personal responsibility. The program will not be a centralized offering.  Each project will be designed depending on the specific context and need. 

Canada’s project is to diminish stresses over language, culture, religion, immigration, and treatment of aboriginal people in Quebec.

Kenya will address ethnic and religious rivalries between communities that have caused civil and political strife.

France is focused on building trust between youth and society, but also with police, teachers, and peers. It aims to respond to a great need in the suburbs of Paris.

There will be a larger program rollout in years two through four, to take place across nine to fifteen additional countries through to 2023.

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