The Trustbuilding Program - Project Countries

The Trustbuilding Program started in 2019 with projects in Canada, Kenya, and France. At the start of 2021, four more have joined the program: Australia, Nepal, Indonesia and South Africa.

As cultural assumptions and social needs in each country and community differ, the program and its core essentials are adapted with the help of partners on the ground, maintaining the IofC hallmarks of quiet time, the four standards, honest conversation and personal responsibility.

In Australia the Truth-telling and Truth-Hearing Project aims to build trust between non-Indigenous Australians and First Nations Peoples.

In Indonesia, the project aims to achieve social transformation by breaking the barriers of differences and building trust among people from different ethnicities and religions, focusing on young people.

The Nepalese project bridges the gaps that exist between Madheshi (dwellers of Southern belt bordering with India) and Pahade communities (people from the hill region) which have existed for decades.

South Africa's project focuses on creating clusters of united and cohesive families, spreading from two initial centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, that acts as catalysts for rebuilding trust and broken structures in society.

Canada’s project diminishes stresses over language, culture, religion, immigration, and treatment of aboriginal people in Quebec.

Kenya addresses ethnic and religious rivalries between communities that have caused civil and political strife.

France is focused on building trust between youth and society, focusing on police, teachers, and peers. It aims to respond to a great need in the suburbs of Paris.

There will be another program rollout starting in November 2021 as well as the following year, expanding to three to six additional countries through to 2023.

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