Sitio Sao Luiz, Petropolis, Brazil

Report on the Tenth Peace Circle in Brazil

Monday, 26. February 2018

The tenth Peace Circle was held at the headquarters of Initiatives of Change Brazil, located in the beautiful city of Petrópolis.

10th Creators of Peace Circle

The experience was very interesting because we all belonged to the same age group and had also all participated in some Peace Circle in the past; this allowed us to have a great deal of harmony and helped us share our personal experiences more deeply with one another. For example, this time, while some women were sharing their life stories, they were able to find a deep root, a cause-and-effect relation they had not noticed before! This helped in the process of healing and forgiveness.

The path we embarked on toward building peace was enriched by the Meeting Points and practical activities of the Initiatives of Change Principles, which we used to boldly recognize the realities we were facing and all that we still needed to change. We also shared experiences of healing, love, self-forgiveness, and recognition of our own value and courage. During Quiet Times, we were able to reflect on our worries and search for solutions, and think about the progress each of us was making toward change and the next step to take.

10th Creators of Peace Circle - Brazil

At the end of the Circle we could see that, even as we faced many difficulties, we maintained harmony both within ourselves and in our surroundings. That, for us, is peace in practice, and each one of us made a formal commitment to maintain that peace.

It was a great experience, learning to share our journeys, our efforts, our successes and the difficulties we faced. With every new Circle of Peace we discover new reflections, new activities, new challenges, but also new inspiration....


Maria Cristina and Vera