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A meeting of people in Baringo County, Kenya, displaced from their homes and grazing land by armed cattle raids.

'Restoring Land, Lives and Peace': articulating a vision

Thursday, 13. October 2016

The vision and methods of the IofC programme 'Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace' (ILLP), developed through the 'Caux Dialogues on Land and Security' and in Baringo County, Kenya, are gaining ground across Africa.

A key tenet of ILLP is that care of the land and building peace are mutually enhancing.

Dr Dennis Garrity, UN Drylands Ambassador and Chair of the Evergreen Agriculture Partnership, and Dr Alan Channer of ILLP, articulate this vision in a new, two minute video entitled 'Restoring Land, Lives and Peace'.

Dr Alan Channer is working closely with the Evergreen Agriculture Partnership (part of the World Agroforestry Centre headquartered in Nairobi) to help forge partnerships and projects that will link peacebuilding with land restoration across Africa and the world.

Restoring land, lives and peace from FLTfilms on Vimeo.