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Rev. Sylvester "Tee" Turner

Tuesday, 3. April 2007
Rev. Sylvester

"We are taught that we are to think globally but to act locally. The Connecting Communities Fellowship Program helps us to act locally. It is a well-thought-out process to identify and break down barriers that have caused separation between groups. It also allows us to build alliances with people who are trying to bring about change."

Rev. Sylvester "Tee" Turner was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He recently joined the Hope in the Cities staff as Community Outreach Director after serving as Executive Director for the Paul Development Center in Richmond. He has been active with HIC for years and is currently part of the Connecting Communities Fellowship Program. He describes CCFP as "one of the most diverse groups of individuals coming together to develop a plan to impact the larger community."

During Richmond’s first Walk Through History events, Tee stood at the foot of a monument to Confederate soldiers and sailors in Richmond. He felt the pain that he as an African-American had suffered. Then he saw it from a different perspective. The Confederates "built that monument out of grief," he said, "and they need to be healed as well."

Tee is facilitating a dialogue project in Franklin, Virginia. He is also working to build relationships with Richmond's Hispanic Community in order to strengthen their sense of connection with the larger Richmond community.