Tools for Change Faculty - Facilitators

Tools for Change Faculty - Facilitators



Dr Christiane Garin Al-Azhari Dr Christiane Garin Al-Azhari is a Swiss who trained as a specialist in surgery in the USA and in health administration in South Africa. Working as specialist surgeon and medical superintendEnt in a large South African hospital for twelve years, made her very much aware of the role of women as catalysts for change, reconciliation and peace building on the continent. She has contributed to Creators of Peace (CoP) workshops in India and Africa during which the Peace Circles have been initiated and formalized as a tool for women to deepen their peace building awareness and potential and she accompanied the CoP team who introduced the Peace Circles process and manual in Kenya and Sudan. She has now translated the CoP Circles manual into French especially for use in Rwanda and Burundi. She has also recently conducted a well received Peace Circle workshop in Geneva.


Anjum Ashraf AliAnjum Ashraf Ali was born in the United States and is of Pakistani heritage. She spent her childhood in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she still often visits to see her family. Anjum continued her studies in Boston, Massachusetts, where she obtained her BA in International Relations and French Cultural Studies at Wellesley College. She then went to McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where she earned her MA in Islamic Studies, concentrating on Islamic Law and the rights of women and children within it. Her Master’s thesis was Child Marriage in Islamic Law. Anjum has worked as an Islamic legal advisor for a Virginia-based law firm where she helped found the Advocacy Center for Muslim Women. She recently obtained her Post Baccalaureate certificate in Paralegal Studies. Anjum serves as co-chair of the Board of Directors of Hope in the Cities and as the Chair for the Education/Outreach Committee for the Virginia Muslim Coalition for Public Affairs. She is also an alumnus of the IofC CCFP (2005) and CCTP (2008) programmes.


Alice Cardel is IofC International Training Director based in Geneva. She comes from the Philippines and worked in both government and non-government organizations primarily IofC in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, Europe and the Pacific. She was Special Assistant to the Foreign Minister for Asia Pacific Affairs under Pres. Corazon Aquino and awarded by the governments of Chile and Peru for her assistance in the entry of Latin American countries to the Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (PECC). She studied in New York at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs for her MA in Public Administration. With her own consulting company in New York, her array of clients included the NY Board of Education, some NY hospitals and universities, 1199 health care union, Pax Christi USA, NY NGO support center and others. Alice creates, designs and evaluates training programmes, customizes them for different populations for maximum effectiveness. She developed the Bridge Model Way (BMW) for problem solving and conflict resolution.


Rob Corcoran has been engaged in interracial dialogue and reconciliation for many years and has extensive experience of building teams and networks in different cultural contexts. He is the US national director of Initiatives of Change and the founder of Hope in the Cities, which works for just and inclusive communities through reconciliation among racial, ethnic and religious groups. Rob has chaired numerous national and international forums and has facilitated training workshops in Australia, India, France, the UK, South Africa, Brazil and Jamaica. He participated in the creation of a guide for racial dialogue for President Clinton’s Initiative on Race. He is also a founder of the Caux Scholars Program, an international student programme in conflict transformation with alumni in 73 countries representing more than 160 universities. His book Trustbuilding: an honest conversation on race, reconciliation and responsibility will be published in 2010 by University of Virginia Press with a foreword by Gov. Tim Kaine. Rob is originally from Scotland and lives in Richmond, Virginia.


Ginn Fourie Ginn Fourie (Nee Hartley) is from Western Cape, Republic of South Africa. She is married to Johann Fourie and had two children, one of whom died in 1993, Lyndi at the Heidelberg massacre. She speaks and writes Afrikaans fluently, French, Xhosa and Zulu. She holds an advanced diploma in Teaching Physiotherapy. She has conducted workshops in Scotland, India, USA, Australia, Solomon Islands and in South Africa on topics such as: forgiveness, equality, conciliation, and from tension to transformation.

She is a senior lecturer in Field -Traumatic Orthopaedics and Clinical teaching and in 2003 Nominated for ‘Distinguished Teacher Award’. In July 2003, she set up the Lyndi Fourie Foundation.


Megumi KanematsuMegumi Kanematsu is from Japan. She took Ren-jou’s workshop on Family Enhancement in Taiwan, completed his Training for Trainers and was a co-trainer in China. She worked for several years in Latin America, Europe and North America. She assisted in the Asia Pacific Youth Conference held in Cambodia and helped with Farmers’ Dialogue in Cambodia for Asian and European farmers. She also worked for the Japanese Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service in Cambodia. Megumi has her BA in Pedagogy from Tamagawa University in Tokyo and her MA in Human Security from Doshisha University Graduate School of Policy and Management in Kyoto, Japan.


Kiran GandhiKiran Gandhi is a human resource consultant to several small, medium and large companies in India. Previously, he worked as the Head, Human Resources development at three global Indian companies and the training head of Tata Motors, Jamshedpur. He offers corporate training in leadership and management and serves as an executive coach at leading Indian companies. Kiran teaches as visiting faculty positions at management schools such as the Indian Business School, the Indian Institute of Management and the Tata Management Training Center and is a regular facilitator at Asia Plateau, the India Center for IofC. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and a post-graduate diploma in Business Management from Xavier Labor Relations Institute in Jamshedpur. Kiran developed a passion for building human relations and teams after he met the ideas of IofC as a student.


Lena Kashkar’ovaLena Kashkar’ova is from Ukraine, a graduate in Civil Law. She works in non-government organization sector through her involvement with Centre for Political Education and Young Leaders Club, and was a participant of international community-building and leadership development programme “Action for Life-3” by Initiatives of Change. She is currently F4F Programme Administrator and F4F Visiting Course facilitator.


Ségolène LefortSégolène Lefort is Project Manager for the Education for peace programME of Initiatives of Change France. Of French nationality, she has 2 children, and has degrees in education and communication.

She provides educational interventions for school children ranging from 6 to 17 years, in order to help them learn to be responsible for their actions based on IofC values. She designs and delivers train the trainer workshops and seminars for teachers and child professionals in collaboration with Jonathan Levy. She is trained as a professional trainer and contributes regularly to training materials and articles dealing with violence in schools. She has been involved in the creation of the peace education kit, aimed at a public who wish to develop an education for peace programmr in their country.


Jonathan LevyJonathan Levy is the pedagogical and educational specialist for the French IofC Education for Peace programmr and a teacher trainer in pedagogy an independent, bi-cultural teacher trainer and trainer of adult trainers. Educated in Pedagogy and the philosophy of education, he has travelled extensively through Europe, Asia and North America designing and delivering teacher training and training-the-trainer workshops in the education. His recent projects include the design and delivery of a children’s rights teaching kit for an international French NGO; the application of learning strategies dealing with inner city schools in the Paris area; and the preparation of volunteer and permanent humanitarian staff who will be working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen and Burma for an international child NGO. Born in Britain, Jonathan has lived and worked in France for 28 years.


Ren-Jou LiuRen-Jou Liu was born in Taiwan, and is a teacher by training. He and his wife have worked with Initiatives of Change since 1984. Ren-Jou’s commitment is not only to care for Chinese in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China but also in other countries in Asia. He gives training to youth and initiated the Asian Pacific Youth Conferences (APYC) for East Asia which have now extended to include South East Asia and the Pacific region. He also initiated the Action for Life (AfL) program which has become a regular program in Asia.

In Taiwan he set up the IofC Association and has served on the board as Chairman, General Secretary and Board Member for the last 15 years. He initiated the “Taiwan Clean Election Campaign” against vote-buying in national and local elections for 7 years. In 1993 he developed seminars on strengthening the home and family-life, particularly for parents and children. In 2005 he established “Tainan Family EQ Association” in Taiwan and became its Chairman until 2007 and its main trainer at present.


Hind Makki Hind Makki received her BA in International Relations, focusing on Global Security and Diplomacy, from Brown University. In her native Chicago, she worked extensively within the Muslim community on matters regarding civic integration into American society, interfaith dialogue, education and youth leadership development, and is currently a 2008-2009 Fellow of the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute. She sits on the board of the Southwest Interfaith Team (SWIFT), representing the Orland Park Prayer Center, where she serves on the Youth Leadership Development and Outreach committees. She has also led youth development and civic engagement sessions in national Muslim and Arab American conferences since 2001.  In the summer of 2007, Hind joined the Interfaith Youth Core as a Programme Associate in the Outreach Education and Training programme area, traveling to college campuses, congregations and conferences in the United States and Western Europe, offering presentations and training on promoting religious pluralism, effective interfaith service-learning and meaningful interfaith dialogues.


Bukiwe MasekoBukiwe Maseko is from South Africa. She speaks English, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana and Afrikaans. Her work experience includes working as Project Manager for the Mmapho Group (Pty) Ltd where she prepared project studies and delivered a program that involved interfacing various departments. She was guest also relations officer at Palazzo InterContinental Hotel and Information Officer of Mofolo-Zondi Municipal Office.

She participated in Facilitation and Leadership Programme in Tirley Garth, Chersire (UK) and in Facilitation Program at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, (USA), and took part in Advance Leadership Programme in Nairobi, Kenya under Initiatives of Change.


Ana PozoginaAna Pozogina is from Latvia a graduate in Public Administration and Policy Analysis, was working in the fields of ethnic integration, fighting corruption and youth leadership development, participant of international community-building and leadership development programme “Action for Life-3” by Initiatives of Change, F4F Visiting Course facilitator, currently coordinating F4F Training of Facilitators programme.


Kofi Bassaw QuarteyKofi Bassaw Quartey from Ghana holds Msc in Education for Sustainability from London South Bank university, his undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering. He practised with Cadbury-Ghana, Initiatives of Change and the British Council in his professional life and is now working for the British Government. He worked with the Clean Africa Campaign project and Agenda for Reconciliation; both are programmes of MRA/IofC and various IofC projects across the globe. He was the Secretary and Project Manager for IofC – Ghana and a member of the African Coordination Group. He is also an alumina of Action for Life 2, a trainer and currently also training as a medic, a physical training instructor and an environmental health officer. He enjoys playing and watching football, travelling and reading motivational books.


Su Riddell Su Riddell is a mother, wife, household manager and pet owner. Trained as a bilingual secretary, and working with IofC part-time, she has been responsible for team-building, mentoring, event management and community action. In particular she has created support groups for parents of special needs children. She was delighted to discover the concept of Peace Circles, as they unite her love of discovering people, with a love of exploring the leading of the inner voice. She has been Co-ordinator for the Creators of Peace Circles programme in the UK for the past year.


Cricket WhiteCricket White is the National Director of Training and Program Development for Initiatives of Change, USA.  She worked in government for 23 years, including Chief of Staff for the mayor of Richmond, before coming to IofC.  She served as chief of protocol for the city as well as doing policy research.   Since joining Initiatives of Change in 1995, she evaluates and designs training, programs and dialogue curricula, and has trained social change agents in South Africa, the UK, Switzerland and India as well as cities across the US.   She facilitates various dialogues from an Evangelical Christian and Muslim dialogue to discussions and dialogues for the Richmond Times Dispatch newspaper.


 Barbara Williams, Melbourne, AustraliaBarbara Williams is the mother of 2 adult children and lives in an area of Melbourne where one in every three residents was not born in Australia. She is a secretary and has worked a lot on IofC publications and in recent years with her husband on a biography of 'the Father of Multiculturalism' in Australia. She has lived in India, Papua New Guinea and the UK and has been involved with the CofP circles in Melbourne and other interfaith initiatives. In her spare time she is a potter and loves gardening.